Ethicsand Professional Issues in Nursing Essay

HNWT4001 Fundamentals of Professional PracticeThis essay will take inspiration from a theoretical character named Sam (see appendix 1).Sam is a minor aged fifteen who, after a head injury whilst watching a game of football attends her local accident and emergency department. Whilst in the company of her mother she initially denies the possibility of a pregnancy but when taken to for an x-ray and separated from her mother admits that she could be pregnant. Sam’s case highlights issues of confidentiality, consent and disclosure of information.

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Ethicsand Professional Issues in Nursing
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This essay will attempt to illustrate and investigate the issues that a nurse is likely to face when providing care for Sam within the healthcare setting. Although a nurse needs interpersonal skills whilst in practice, there is also a wide range of tools that can be used to ensure that Sam receives the most appropriate person centred care possible. This essay will examine the professional issues, ethical issues and legal issues as well as legislation designed to protect not only the Sam but also the professional.

A number of laws, statutes and codes exist to protect not only the service user but also helps professionals to justify any action with regards to any intervention or advice that they provide. The Nursing and Midwifery Council’s Code of Conduct, The Mental Health Act, The Children Act 1989, the Human Rights Act 1998 and case law will also be examined closely in order to understand the legal and professional issues uncovered during the course of treating Sam.

During the course of this assignment there will be a number of ethical terms used that it would be helpful at this stage to introduce. Beneficence is a principle used during interactions with people that would see the Professiona.

. .ofessional must be actively listening and engaging so that Sam can exploit her nursing kills in order to help her sense of well being. The professional must also be empathetic to the anxiety and stress that Sam may be feeling and also must show an unconditional positive regard; that is they must recognise that Sam may have made a mistake but still hold her in high regard in order to help her and reduce her feelings of isolation as she chooses not to involve her mother in her care. Masson would argue with Carl Rogers theory and state that he was looking at a situation in an idealistic way and argued that as a human being it would be within the nature of the professional to make a snap judgement of Sam and in doing so would effectively place a barrier in the way of unconditional regard thus hampering the development of a therapeutic relationship. (Dryden et al. 1999.)

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