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Ethnomusicology Notes: Important Jazz

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  • Pages 2
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    • Jelly Roll Morten (1890 1941). First recognized and important jazz composer. Capable of playing both ragtime styles and jazz styles. (Incorporate improvisation in his music.) Pioneer of swing 8th note technique. Engaging/ energizing performer. (Coming from improvisation. In the moment. Lack in recordings).
    • Earl Father Hines (1903-1983) pianist and band leader, born Pittsburg, moved to Chicago in 1924. Significantly influential on the piano styles in the 1930s and 1940s.  Not known as one of the great stride piano player. But known for his improvisation styles. 2 styles: Trumpet styles and Horn like improvisation (musical phrasing). Hinds would take a short break during trumpet improvisation.
    • Thomas Fats Waller best known stride player from New York. Excellent technique: bouncing type of feeling on the piano, known as a song writer/ composer.
    • James P. Johnson (1894-1955) the father of stride. Having had the most influence in Spreading stride music around the area,  first pianist to be broadcasted on the radio. A composer and conductor did some conducting in pit orchestras.
    • Willy the Lion Smith (1897-1973). Rivals with James P. Jonson. Cutting sessions (battle with other musicians)
    • Boogie Woogie.( southern 1912 off shoot of stride). Another jazz age style of piano. Mead Lux Louis: Honky Tonk trained blues.
    • Louis Armstrong (1901-1971) trumpet player/ vocalist/ band leader/ sometimes composer/ all-around entertainer. Didn’t have valid birth records. As a vocalist, he was one of the first musicians who wouldn’t sing a melody straight, he also influenced many vocalists later on. pioneer of Scat singing: use unusual syllables instead of lyrics, improvised melodies and rhythms.
    • Bix Beiderbecke (1903-1931) trumpet player/composer, emerged and developed around the same time as Louis Armstrong. First recording: 1924 with the wolverine orchestra, few years later, Bix became a featured soloist in the band leaded by Paul Whiteman.  Blended jazz with ragtime concept.
    • Jonny Dodds (1892-1940) one of the leading new Orleans clarinet players, moved to Chicago, started out as a side man with king Oliver Sounds: classic New Orleans clarinet sound, edgy rough tone, fast vibrato. (Vibrate the pitch), aggressive

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