Euthanasia (Cause and Effects)

Euthanasia or mercy killing as we all know it has its own cause and effect. What are the cause of this kind of problem? Well as we all know that pain is the most common reason. Pain because of relationships, pain because of financial problems. Of course suicidal thoughts is one of the reasons for euthanasia and mainly because they want to give up in life. There are a lot of reasons for euthanasia like feeling hopeless in life, having the thoughts that o one loves you anymore or maybe even doubting God about their lives.

Now we talk about the effects of euthanasia (mercy killing). Effects of a mercy killing is far more than anyone could imagine because mercy killing is not much off difference in a simple killing or taking out one’s life. It may have an effect that could bring piece or it might have an effect that could ruin a family or oneself. Of course the effects are hard to bear with.

Euthanasia has a costive and negative effects which the negative effects are: * Suicide and murder become acceptable * Killing becomes an option in medical treatment options * Termination of life * Family loses hope and a member dear to them * Financial pressure * Family conflicts As for the positive effects based on my research, we have: * End to suffering * Peace of mind * No more problems to deal with But more importantly, we should not look at the cause and effect of euthanasia.

There are a lot of possible things that will happen through euthanasia. Some different causes of it is voluntary euthanasia which a person volunteers to kill himself or as we all know suicide. Our life is important, it is essential, it was made by God. Why waste it? Why mercy kill yourself? It doesn’t make sense. Think about the things that would happen if we have gone through euthanasia, it can be an end to our suffering but our family, love ones or friends will be afflicted with this kind of decision, too.

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