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Euthanasia outline

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What edifiers ending an animal’s life as “right or wrong”. Is euthanasia ethical or UN-ethical? I. Good and Bad Scenarios 1 . Shelter Animal Euthanasia a. Overpopulation/Supplies/Man-Power/Money I. How does this justify killing animals? Ii. Weighing out the options b. Behavior Assessments-These animals go through behavioral examinations. The ending analysis, can be the ultimate decision on life or death for this animals. I. Do the people making this “life or death” call have the credentials and knowledge to make that decision.


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Euthanasia outline
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How is behavior justifiable to end an animal’s life? 2. Companion Animals a. Pets are part of our families. What do we do when the animal is suffering or has a chronic illness? B. Fight for the lives or end the suffering. C. Moral Ethical Dilemmas. People have to be the voice of the animal. D. Owner surrender “Ethical/Moral Dilemma” I. Illness’s ii. Inappropriate Behavior iii. Can’t afford care iv. Who makes the final call to end life? Just because the owner surrenders, does the veterinarian have to agree to euthanasia? Ii.

Utilitarianism/ Demonology perspective 1.

Reasoning behind the act. Is euthanasia the only option? Was this course of action taken to end suffering and pain? A. Humane death or uncompensated act 2. Who should have the right to make the ultimate decision? A. Moral Worth b. Death meant to end with dignity 3. Right vs. Wrong iii. How much is a life worth? Is there a price for medical treatment beyond which a life should be terminated because the animal’s owner cannot afford to pay any longer? Does the animal have a chronic illness and is suffering? Are there other options to sustain life and supportive care? 1.

Pain recognition, assessment and pharmaceutics a. Most affordable effective means of treatments/cures b. Payment plans 2. Is euthanasia the last resort? A. Other means of treatment b. If this has to be chosen as last result to end suffering was the act humane? I. Methods of Euthanasia iv. Euthanasia is supposed to end life with dignity and compassion. It should justify the best interest of the animal. In order to be morally acceptable, this act of ending life should only be done if it ends suffering and pain. Animals can’t speak for themselves and urn to be heard.

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