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Every Child Is Special

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Taare Zameen par is a movie about a 8 year old boy by the name Ishaan (Introducing: Darsheel) loves painting having a special passion towards it. Ishaan is just another child who likes being like a child,not worried by what he wants to be in life,Ishan Prefers playing with street dogs. Being weak in studies, his parents start to worry about his future. As in anybody else’s house ,this boy faces a lot of punishment and anger from his parents and teachers day in and day out.

Song: Idiot, duffer lazy crazy.. Ishan’s elder brother happens to be like his father, wanting to achieve success in life studies hard and is does best in whatever he can.

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Every Child Is Special
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Ishan’s father works as a professional in a MNC. Ishan’s father wishes his boy could be just like him, he sees creative talents in him but is worried about his attitude towards studies. Ishan’s mother gives up her career to take care of the children and the family, just like a mother ahe loves Ishan but is also worried about Ishans attitude.

Song at this point: Jame Raho (introduces Ishans Family in a very peculiar fashion ) The first half lays focus on Ishan’s life as a small boy who faces only insults from his teachers, friends and society. Ishan though does not care about it, Loves being by himself. No signs of Aamir Khan Yet) All through the first half i’m sure any child can relate to being Ishan. No fancy shots/ locations make the movie appear even more realistic. Frustrated with Ishan’s Attitude and by the complaints the parents keep recieving from the teachers and neighbours, Ishan’s father decides to send him to a boarding school beleiving Ishan needs to learn some discipline and attitude towards life. Ishan feels sad about it and loses interest in painting which he did with lot of passion. The movie does lose some pace when Ishan is put into boarding school where ammir tries to show the emotion that Ishan is going through.

Song: Maa (Defines the emotions Ishan is going through being a part of boarding school away from the family) Ishan faces the same when in boarding school, Complaints and insults from teachers. Ishan starts to miss the family and begins losing interest in life. A turn around happens when his art teacher is temporarily replaced by Nikumbh Sir(Aamir Khan). Song : Bam Bam Bole (Introducing Aamir as the movie moves into intermission) Nikumbh sir is a part of a mentally challenged school finds that Ishan has been suffering a brain related problem from birth relating to confusing himself between two imilar looking characters. Nikumbh decides to take matter into his hands. He visits Ishans house to explain what Ishan has been facing over the years only to discover Ishan had such interest towards Art. The scene in which Nikumbh explains the problem to Ishans parents and the father accusing Ishan of being ignorant towards studies is the fun part of the Movie. The story from here is all about how Nikumbh sir helps Ishan get out of the problems he has been facing, Devoloping himself to being a better person who cares about the academics with painting being his important part of life.

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