Examining the Business Strategy of Dominos Pizza Enterprises Limited Analysis

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Strategic planning is all about where administration wants to be in a specific clip period with allocated budgeting. That is merely possible when an administration has tactical programs of resources, obstructions and the clip frames that can interrupt down strategic program and do it come-at-able. Administration demands to hold an operational program of how they want to accomplish their strategic program in consideration with the tactical demands. Operational program needs to reply all the direction inquiries of who, when, where, how, what and prosecute their squad in make up one’s minding all these factors.

It is really much of import for an administration to hold a proper Organizational Audit before doing a strategic program. And as Dominos is in a market section that changes really frequently and besides come ining a new market of Europe which is wholly different than the Australasian market, the strategic program has to be reviewed often

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New scheme has to be made with the consideration of all interest holders involved in the administration. As Domino ‘s strategic program is to come in a complete new market of Europe and besides go more aggressive in the bing market, the scheme will hold a major impact on all the current interest holders. Let us hold a expression at the current interest holders and their influence on the company scheme in footings of what they look for in the administration.

Major Stake Holders and their influence on the administration:


High Pay, Job Security, good working environment, Career development, Training,

Share Holders:

interested in high net incomes, administration growing for future benefits, their say in the concern,


Long term concern facets, regular orders and payments, growing of the administration taking to more concern


Refunds and involvements, regular payments, hard currency turnover


Quality and advanced merchandises, low monetary values, value for money, first-class service,

The Government:

Employment, Compliance of authorities Torahs and policies, revenue enhancement payments, part to economic growing of the state.

Domino ‘s Organizational Audited account:

Organizational Audit helps organisations to warrant their current scheme, understand how they operate, know the effects of their operations on the external environment, recognize what their direction construction is and how best they can use it, program transmutation into a different section. Below table indicates the points of import for Domino ‘s new Strategic Plan.


Current Scenario

Strategic Change Requirement

Existing strategic program

Traveling towards the right way until now and is a good platform for the following scheme

New Strategy will be in line with the bing one as a continuance.


Very strong operations

Will necessitate some alterations in order to maintain with the clip technologically.


Strong direction construction

Will necessitate some alterations to hook up with the new Franchisee operations.

External Environment

Working in conformity with the demands of the external demands of Customers, authorities, stakeholders,

Will hold to see market environment we are come ining in. the Europe Market


Current passage has worked for the markets of India and Singapore

Will be a complete different attack to the European civilization, life style of the people and the civilization

Dominos Strategic Plan For the following 5 old ages:

An organisation ‘s strategic planning comprises and considers assorted factors impacting the procedure of scheme planning, development, executing and rating. Dominos come ining Europe market and the company vision is to go figure one pizza company in Australasia and Europe in the following 5 old ages. In order to carry through their vision, Dominos needs to fix a strategic program sing following factors that determines the effectivity and success of their scheme.

Reviewing Vision Carefully:

In order to carry through a vision, administrations need to reexamine it carefully and do certain that they develop their vision depending on the market section they are in and the external environmental effects on their vision. An administration may alter its vision or the clip graduated table of its attainment depending on the fortunes they come across. Review of a vision is critical before doing a proper strategic program. Dominos has reviewed their current place and the growing statistics. Besides have considered their launch and success in the Asiatic market and the clip it took to set up the trade name at that place. The vision is carefully developed sing all those facets and the strength of the human resources the company has.

Smart analysis:

In order to accomplish a vision it needs to be SMART. A ill established vision without this analysis can be truly hard to achieve.


a vision needs to be specific and good communicated to all degrees of direction hierarchy. Everyone involved should cognize what they need to accomplish. Dominos vision is to go figure one in pizza market and it is good communicated to all.


an administration needs to quantify its aims taking to attainment of its vision. Dominos has a program of opening a peculiar figure of shops in France, Belgium and The Netherlands with an estimated client base and turnover within the following 5 old ages which will ensue in its going figure one.


an administration needs to understand what it is seeking to accomplish and whether it is accomplishable. Unrealistic ends can ensue in an administration traveling behind alternatively of turning towards its vision. Last 5 old ages growing statistics suggest that the vision in the following 5 old ages is truly come-at-able.


it is really of import for an administration to understand its resources in order to accomplish what it is taking for. It has to see its human resources, capital, stuffs and engineering to do its vision realistic. Dominos has developed required human resources and capital from their franchisee concern enlargement and has become technologically sound with their high profile IT section.

Time Bound:

a vision has to hold a clip graduated table that can give positive way to all activities involved. 5 old ages is a realistic clip period for Dominos sing its current market topographic point and growing.

Business Analysis:

In order to hold a proper strategic planning, an administration has to understand its ain internal strengths and failings every bit good as the external menaces and chances. It should besides see

SWOT Analysis:


superior merchandise scope and quality, first-class services, on-line preparation for staff, higher engineering with cyberspace and iphone ordination, strong leading and direction squad, strong selling,


some untrained staff, missing presence in the full market, franchisee and corporate concern fluctuations, hapless perceptual experience by clients due to competitor selling.


Direct rivals like taking Pizza companies like Pizza Hut, Hell Pizza, U.S Pizzas and besides indirect rivals like major nutrient mercantile establishments of McDonalds, KFC, Burger King and little fish and french friess shops


Bigger consumer market with a immense concern potency. Untouched pizza market to cover and turn like Europe and all of Asia, more concern from the bing market traveling to rivals.

PESTEL Analysis:

Political Factors:

Political factors are really of import in doing a strategic program for a peculiar market. Government policies play a critical function in the growing of an administration due to its precedences towards back uping a concern. European Union policies determine the sort of goods and services Dominos can supply and the effects of its operations on the wellness and safety of its economic system and the life style of the community.

Economic Factors:

Economic factors play a critical function in an organisation ‘s operations and growing in a peculiar market. Economic stableness, revenue enhancement in European Union, Inflation, Exchange Rates, involvement rates are all of import as they all will impact Domino ‘s operations. Inflation may ensue in higher rewards and the same clip higher involvement rates can be a vacillation for investing by future franchisees.

Social Factors:

Socio cultural factors play a critical function in fixing proper merchandise scope and services. European civilization and life style wholly differs from Dominos bing Australasian market. That determines the sort of merchandises to be established and the manner to show them to the community.

Technological Factors:

Development and usage of engineering in a peculiar market determines the selling and merchandise development programs for an administration. As Dominos operations and selling require the same engineering available worldwide, technological factors are the easiest accomplishable aims for strategic planning in Europe.

Environmental Factors:

Environmental factors are really of import in finding the merchandises, pricing, service and growing of an administration. Climate alteration can ensue into higher nutrient monetary values and hapless services and operations. European conditions is good for a pizza concern harmonizing to the research and statistics. Environmental consciousness can still make some limitations in footings of operations and processs.

Legal Factors:

profitableness and growing of a concern depends on the legal environment it operates in. Wage ordinances and revenue enhancement Torahs in Europe are different than the 1s in Australasia finding dominos franchisee concern policies and besides the human resources and capital direction.

Establish and execute strategic aims:

After all considerations of realistic vision, interest holder ‘s influence, Business and market analysis, administration demands to develop and choose assorted strategic options. All chosen options look considerable but merely a few can be realistic depending on the issues and obstructions an organisation is traveling to undertake in a peculiar market. This is the ground the determination shapers should see SMART analysis as mentioned earlier for their aims. One of the Dominos strategic aims is to open 50 pizza shops in the first 2 old ages in France, Belgium and Netherlands with the turnover aim of 75million Euros a twelvemonth and finally a lower limit of 200 shops across these 3 states in the undermentioned 3 old ages with the market portion of more than 30 % which will do Dominos figure 1 pizza company in Europe.

A proper deployment program is really much of import to accomplish strategic aims. Poor execution can ensue in an organisation sabotaging its ain possible and schemes. Developed aims can merely be achieved if they are executed and monitored decently.

Resource Requirements:

An organisation should be wholly cognizant of the resources it requires to set up a new scheme. Entering into a new market requires resource direction from the abrasion. Developed schemes should be assigned to identify personals with specific resources instead than utilizing broad scope of resources with no cardinal personal appointed. Following are the resources of import for Dominos for its strategic planning procedure in European market.

Human capital & A ; Market Research

  1. Space
  2. Fundss
  3. Technology
  4. Equipments
  5. Production & A ; Logisticss


Changeless reappraisal of a deployed scheme on timely footing is an of import key factor in the success of a long term strategic program. Advancement of the scheme during the given clip period can find the divergences required for the attainment of the vision. First twelvemonth monitoring of Dominos strategic planning in European market will find the success of the long term vision. One of the Dominos developed schemes is to open 50 shops in the first 2 old ages in France, Belgium and The Netherlands with an estimated turnover of 100 million Euros a twelvemonth and finally entire of 200 pizza shops across these three states in the undermentioned 3 old ages with a market portion of 30 % which will do Dominos figure one pizza company in Europe within a period of 5 old ages.

A good strategic program determines where an organisation is heading and whether it is in the right way. it gives an indicant of an organisation carry throughing its vision In the determined clip period. That will hold a positive impact on its interest holders which can once more ensue in a better interest holder religion in organisation ‘s growing and place in the market.

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