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Example of Case Study

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    PERSONAL DATA Name: Grade and Section: Date of Birth: Age: Father: Mother: Address: II. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The first few years of a child’s life are important for all aspects of their development. Many factors may comprise a child’s optimal development, including socioeconomic. Impoverished children lack in nutrition, care, education, medical care and social services, thus creating developmental delays and health problems. Economic factors can affect children’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive development and their overall health. III.

    EXAMINATION AND DIAGNOSIS Economic factors specifically poverty is one factor affecting the life of a child. This factor was evident especially in a public school. Different problem arises as you deal with the children. One role of being a teacher is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a pupil as well as their problem in order to help them develop their entire well-being positively. As a grade five teacher, different behaviors were noticed that was normal for a grade five pupil but one of them seemed different. This pupil was already 12 years old.

    Even though he was a 12 year old boy, his height did not match his age. He was also malnourished so physically, he was skinny. He was in a last section and every time his teacher conducted a lesson, he was always inattentive, lazy in doing things such as writing and uncooperative whenever there was a group activity. In addition to that, he just shouts whenever he wanted to without any valid reason. Sometimes during recess, he just laid down on the floor playing dead. He also looks for his classmates every time they ate their “baon” so as a teacher you cannot helped but pitied him.

    Everytime he had no “baon” the teacher gave him something to eat or money so that he could buy in a “bilao” for whatever food he wanted to. As the teacher interviewed him, he told us that his mother was the only one who supported them. They were three siblings and he was the eldest. His mother was a vendor. Every time the teacher wanted to see his mother, fear was evident in his eyes because sometimes he had bruise in his arms and according to him he was hit by his mother for the reason he was naughty and that if his mother was called by the teacher, another punishment will be given to him.

    The teachers agreed that he will be moved to section 2 to have different surroundings and to observed if his behavior will be the same. As a result, due to the guidance of the grade five teachers, he started to wrote and copy things what was written on the board. He seldom shouted and lay on the floor. Attentiveness also improved and he started to raise his hands to recite. This was already a good start for him. The teacher interviewed his mother and according to her because of poverty she couldn’t afford to buy all the things that her son needed because she was the only one who supported her children.

    She also added that she monitored her son’s studies but as the teacher asked the concerned pupil privately his mother did not taught him whenever there was an assignment nor opened his notebook. IV. RECOMMENDATION The Grade Five teachers advised the mother to give full support to her child. Even though she couldn’t give all the things that her son needed, love, care, understanding and patience were good enough to make him feel that poverty was not a reason or a hindrance to break the life of a child and that he could surpass and compete to a wealthy pupil through the proper guidance of a loving parent and patient teachers. V. EVALUATION

    As a teacher, the gift of love and passion to every pupil was really a gift from above. So, the development of this certain pupil should not stop here. It should be a continuous guidance not only the teacher but most of all the parents. Parents and teachers communication is a must to monitor the child’s progress because there are a lot of factors arise as the pupil grew up. VI. FOLLOW – UP Furthermore, child’s monitor despite of summer vacation should not be stopped. Communicating with parent is essential in order that all the effort that had been done by the teachers during the school year will not be vanished in just one click.

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