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Executive Summary Taran Swan



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    Teams have a vast capacity to drive an organization beyond its boundaries. When managed well, teams stimulate creativity and innovation, make an organization more adaptive to market forces, and tap into a firm’s intellectual resources to drive breakthrough results. Building and Leading High Performance Teams enables you to manage team dynamics in a manner that establishes a productive work environment, delivers high performance, and fosters creative ideas.

    Introduction. Taran Swan’s case study gives a insight on the effectiveness of leadership style, working relationships between the teams. This case also gives us qualitative information on challenges behind assembling together a culturally diverse team & drives them towards excellence. We have discussed in detail the effectiveness of her leadership style, the organizational culture she has thrived to cultivate & a detailed analysis behind the decision making process to get the business managed efficiently despite of her physical presence in Latin America.

    We have initiated the case study with a brief flow chart of the decision making process as follows: Flow Chart – for Swan’s Decision Making Sequence of event and Decision making process What should Swan do now that she has to return to New York? At the end of the spring of 1998, Swan was proud of the great potential of her tem. As successful leader in today’s global world, she was planning to compliment and thank them for a job well done, which will motivates everyone of them to work harder and smarter.

    The last two years were big challenge for Swan. She passed successfully all steps building the best team in LA as continuously provide guidance, support, encouragement and motivation to every team member. Just before her speech on the Town Hall, she found herself facing another challenge – leaving the successful team…leaving the major projects that could make or break the channel future…and deciding the future team leadership. Before anything else, Swan must decide quickly “would she have to adapt her style and working relationships?

    If she should appoint an interim director during her absence and if so whom? To be sure that she is taking the best decision she needs to ask herself the following questions: 1. Is there someone else who has the necessary skills, talent or expertise to replace her? 2. Does appointing an interim director provide an opportunity to grow and develop another person’s skills? 3. Is this a task that will recur, in a similar form, in the future? 4. Does she have enough time to delegate the job effectively? 5. Is this a task that Swan should delegate?

    The answers of these questions are given to us by the prominences of her leadership style, which are as follow: 1. Swan inspires others full potential. Her people are feeling stronger, happier, confident and committed. 2. She delegates responsibilities for results by pick up the right people, match them to the right jobs, achieve mutual clarity on the desired results and let them do their job. 3. Let her people do their work. Do not micro manage the team and letting them breathe, grow and achieve success!

    4. Provides freedom and empowerment opportunities as her people feel liberated and empowered. She matched the right/best person with the right job and has created the conditions for exceptional performance and success. 5. Swan expects success! She projects a positive attitude no matter how distressing the external situation may appear. The above is proving us that Swan will delegate her leadership to an interim director. Delegation will help her make the best use of her time and skills and it will help the other person in the team grows and develops his/her ull potential in the organization as its future leader. The second dilemma for Swan: Who is the right person to be appointed as interim director? Going back to her leadership style we will definitely be sure that Swan will appoint somebody from her team.

    That will give her a confidence in appointing, team acceptance and less time to delegate the job effectively. She can provide adequate training and answers questions as her team was accustomed to working with her from afar, via email. She has 3 key team members and they are McCarty, Friedman and Grieder Favorable attributes for McCarty Favorable attributes for Friedman Favorable attributes for Greider Business savvy and natural leadership skills Comes from the background and has the ability to handle creative and marketing Grieder’s familiarity with LA culture Initiative to take charge & potential to seek additional responsibility Posses a cross functional knowledge which is vital to become a good leader Swan’s trust on Grieder & his efficiency “He was the best & that made the business best McCarty has the courage and the power to take over and she has done the first step as well.

    Proven to have hands on experience on handling successful campaigns & events. Grieder’s following leadership capability that matched Swan’s style of leadership She had an ability to understand the overall organization better and its culture – As she has been working with the top management in nick over a long period of time. He was very protective of his team which exhibits his commitment to his team.

    She has shown her passion and drive for the brands success through out the evolution of Nick LA Grieder always had explanations for his actions, Grieder’s match on being locally available for business needs was an advantage of continuous and stable leadership. The factors to consider who the right person to be appointed: 1. The experience, knowledge and skills of the individual as they apply to the delegated position • What knowledge, skills and attitude does the person already have? • Does Swan have time and resources to provide any training needed? . The individual’s preferred work style. • How independent is the person? • What does he or she want from his or her job? • What are his or her long-term goals and interest, and how do these align with the work proposed? 3. Is the person going to be accepted from the rest team members? • Does the person have the respect, trust of others? • Does his reputation, leadership style match to the established team culture? Analyzing the above, out team has come to the decision that Swan has to appoint Steven Grieder for interim director.

    He has the best potential to be not only temporally appointed but to be the future Nickeledion LA Team Leader. Announcing the Interim Director – Stephen Grieder: As third and last challenge, Swan has to find the right way to appoint Steven Grieder as interim director for Nickelodeon LA and delegate to him all leader responsibilities. To be successful as a leader who is a way from her team, Swan should follow the principles below: 1. Clearly articulate the desired outcome and results. 2. Clearly identify constraints and boundaries.

    Where are the lines of authority, responsibility and accountability? 3. Provide adequate support, and be available to answer questions. Ensure success through ongoing communication. 4. Focus on results. 5. Build motivation and commitment. Discuss how success will impact financial rewards, future opportunities, informal recognition, and other desirable consequences. Provide recognition where deserved. 6. Establish and maintain control. • Discuss timelines and deadlines for all major projects for Nickelodeon. Agree on a schedule of checkpoints at which you’ll review project progress. • Make adjustments as necessary. Even “Super-You” needs help and support. There is no shame in asking for assistance. Push aside the pride and show respect for the talent others can bring to the table. And, remember that there is no such thing as a single-handed success: When you include and acknowledge all those in your corner, you propel yourself, your teammates and your supporters to greater heights.

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