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Project Managers’ Work in the Organization



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    As working as a team member in a group of four on the Red stone project has widened our horizons and gave us an excellent opportunity to analyze and interpret the key roles and responsibilities of project managers. The main purpose of this report was to take the compiled information from the surveys and analyze them in a systematic way. There were five different sections that needed to be analyzed: •Position/Company Profile

    •Project Information,
    •Project Pitfalls
    •Team Management
    •Human Resources
    The first section mainly sheds light on project managers’ current working time in the organization and also elaborates on the managers having experience prior to getting their current job. Then it answers the question what was the reason behind choosing the career as a project manager and the chances of getting promoted in this field according to the level of formal education obtained. The second section of Project information talks about Types of projects, their budget along with all the information about the implementation of the projects, people involved in the projects, the constraints in the project, and tools used to manage the project. The third section project pitfalls interprets information about challenges that we face for initiating a project, communication processes used to control projects, how often reports are received and how risk is managed in projects. The fourth section is about Team management. This section deals all about managing the team from challenges to the environment that build up in the team. The last section is of Human resource that provides detailed information about how things work in the team and how the company takes care of the employees working for them.

    It is not really easy to manage the team and thus project management is not at all easy. Based on the above sections analyzed the Gads consultants give the following solutions to the problems existing: •There should be a benchmark set up that can be used to plan for similar nature projects, •It all depend on the project manager that how he can make the environment tension free for team. •The plan should be a bit flexible to adjust according to the requirements of the market conditions/. To conclude a project can be achieved with the common efforts of whole team. Managing the work in proper order is a tough task. If planning is proper this task can be accomplished in really good way. So planning, executing, implementing and controlling are four pillars of the successful foundation they should be put up strongly to set up strong projects.

    As you already know Red Stone is a very well-known company in the heart of Edmonton that has an outstanding reputation. But even the most well established companies can encounter some inconsistencies in the way the projects are delivered within the company. Majority of the projects have been delivered later than they were due, thus GADS consultants was hired to conduct a gap analysis for Red Stone and serve its purpose so that these inconsistencies don’t arise in the future and help Red Stone re examine its goals to determine whether it’s on the right path to achieve success. In order to serve its purpose GADS Consultants conducted great deal of research and used many different sources and methods. Some of these methods included gathering information from the compiled surveys then answering five questions from each section carefully, while separating data into different parts and analyzing it using Bar Graphs, Pie charts and columns. Afterwards the data portrayed in charts was thoroughly analyzed in tying the pieces together with the conclusion. The scope of the work was broken down into four divisions, Daljit was assigned to do section one, also was responsible for completing the conclusion and recommendations, Amanpreet was assigned to do sections two and three which included project information and project pitfalls, Gurmeet was given the task of completing sections four team management. Simran was responsible for doing the section of human resources.
    Section 1: Position/Company profile
    Data has been compiled from 31 surveys
    This Section elaborates on the project managers working in the organization and the advantages and disadvantages of their position. It also portrays statistics for project managers with experience and the reason they chose to become project managers. It also talks about the chances of project managers getting promoted and the reason of choosing the career as a project manager.

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