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Memorandum Memorandum To:First level sales managers at Interclean, Inc. From:Midlevel Sales Manager at Interclean, Inc. Date:July 12, 2009 Re:Managements Attitude toward the EnviroTech Merger Good Morning Team!! As you are aware our organization has been facing competition for a major market share and requires finding ways to reach out globally. The recent merger with Envirotech will provide us with the opportunity leveraging our business into a service oriented company. The merger announcement has been causing employees resulting in low morale.

It is important to understand to achieve success and show positive results; the company has to take many steps and face challenges to organize among employees. The changes implemented have brought about opportunities for new career paths for the existing company sales members. This has created apparent resistance to the company’s new change, evident by declining employee morale (University of Phoenix). When strategies change in organizations, it is normal to resist the change.

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We need to support organization in helping the process run smoothly, the management team must implement ways to keep our employees focused on the mission and goals of the recent changes. One of the key ways to overcome resistance to the recent changes InterClean is holding up with EnviroTech merger, we should attempt to change the behavior of the employees by conducting workshops, enhance communication, organize training sessions, and motivate employees Management must emphasize and reinforce new behaviors to convince employees to embrace the changes.

I want to commend you all for handling the changes thus far. We must continue to assure our team that the merger will progress painlessly and provide utmost cooperation. Reassure them that this event will help reach our sales goals and increase profitability as much as 40%. This is in everybody’s interest. According to Forbes Survey of 500 CFO’s, top reasons for why mergers failed were not financial, but people related issues (Walker, & Price). It’s not only HR but also every mangers responsibility to consider people-related issues and individuals that will have impact by the two companies’ merger.

It is time to initiate a comprehensive plan to leverage and enhance communication that helps in maintaining trust with employees and job loyalty. This way we can keep employees informed effectively. Supervisors and managers need to begin meeting with individual employees to discuss options available if the employee isn’t interested in continue working with Interclean once the merger is taken place. Each of the managers should try techniques such engaging and resolving the problem of decreased morale.

Addressing these issues, staff and management can improve communication, clear off fears, increase job satisfaction, and make the organization a better place to work. “Humans crave meaning and purpose – When people believe they’re part of an organization with a worthy mission, and believe they contribute to the mission, they’re far more likely to be passionate and committed” (2002-2008, Humannature@work). Managers need to discuss with employees in the positive way about the merger, talk about mission, vision of two companies, and successive potential of a merged company.

Employees receive increased loyalty to the company when employees have job satisfaction, their morale is improved and commitment to work solidifies. Securing these feelings with the employees, we have a better chance of retaining our sales and marketing staff. Retention is one of many reasons how managers behavior will impact an organization’s productivity. It is vital that the management team and HR work together to address the concerns of the employees and make this transition run as smooth as possible.

Managing diversified culture is yet another challenge we have. It is imperative that management plays a major role in understanding of the culture that will exist once this merger is complete. We must challenge ourselves and ensure we are maximizing the ability of all employees to contribute to our goals. You must each realize every individual is different and we cannot address the needs of each employee in the same manner. We must remain respectful to their values and beliefs and take the extra time to be sure that information is conveyed clearly to everyone.

Conclusion In conclusion, as EnviroTech and InterClean companies get merged, we all must prepare and support the acquisition process by understanding how the managers behavior will impact the productivity of his or her workers. Employees also need to understand laws, impact of changed policies, and embrace diversity, and reduce resistance to change. Together we can be part of Company’s success and helping the organizing stepping up to be better in the marketplace. References

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