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Family Health risk assessment

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    Draw a sonogram Include three generations and for each family ember include, age, current health status (or causes of death). External family structure (10 points) a. Social class, status and mobility How does the family describe its social class? How many years of schooling have been completed by adult family member(s)? Describe type Of work done by employed family members. How many residence changes have been made within the past five years? If family has adult children not living in the household, what is the distance between the client’s residence and that of the adult children?

    What is the frequency and type of communication? ) Family Functional Assessment (10 points) a. Health/Safety Practices (If possible, collect the following data for each family member). Resources used for health and illness care Date of last complete physical examination. Types of screening exams done within the last three years (include results) Date of last dental examination. Date of last eye examination. Frequency and type of exercise. Stress management activities. Dietary practices (describe a typical meal pattern for one day, include use of sugar, fats, supplements) Alcohol and drug use.

    Smoking use of safety devices (I. . Seat belts, infant/child seats, helmets, elbow and knee pads for roller skating and skate boarding). B. Rest/Sheep: (5 points) Average hours of sleep/night for children? Adults? Describe family sleeping arrangements. C. Leisure/Relaxation: (5 points) What are the leisure and relaxation activities for each family member? What activities are done as a family unit? 4) Home and Community Environment (10 points) Describe dwelling, include type of housing (own or rent), number of rooms, state of repair, facilities for food storage and preparation, safety/health hazards.

    Describe the neighborhood (urban, suburban, rural, residential, industrial, mixed industrial and residential). If industry is present, describe the type of industry (light industry, such as beauty shops, McDonald’s or heavy industry, such as an automobile plant, oil refinery, etc. ). What community services would family do family members use? What services would family like to use, but does not know how to access? Describe the relationship of family to the community Prepare a family Comma and describe the relationship of each family member to the larger community.

    PART II: Use data from part to identified,’ actual and potential risks to the health Of the family. Analysis data carefully and document. Use the language of the conceptual model to describe the family health risks. Be sure all risks are evidence- based. (25 points) Throughout the decade, Healthy People 2020 will assess the general health status of the U. S. Population by monitoring: Life expectancy (with international comparison).

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