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Federal Bureau of Investigation

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This paper will explain why the topic of White Collar Crime needs to be researched and what actions should be taken, while during the research. White Collar crimes has the power to win election, gain public trust, influence the press and give a person the impression that he or she can continue to lie so they can stay a step ahead of the compaction.

For example, take the Enron case, top officials at this Houston-based company cheated investors and paid themselves wrought complex accounting gimmicks like over valuing assets to boost cash flow and earnings statements, which made the company more appealing to investors.

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Federal Bureau of Investigation
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When the company declared bankruptcy in December of 2001 , the company lost millions of dollars, prompting the FBI to investigate. After the demolish of Enron, the Justice Department change the rules to make sure that all department heads were held accountable . Www. Incurs. Gob White Collar crimes threatens peace and human security, violates human rights, and undermines economic, social, ultra, political, and civil development of societies around the world.

Also every year countless individuals lose their livelihood at the hands of criminals that are involved in White Collar crimes. When analyzing the topic of White Collar crimes and the intended outcome of my research, would research using peer review, as well as some Federal websites such as the FBI . Com/news/story website.

Example, on the FBI website there’s a story about Investment Fraud Scheme uncovered, this story talks about how a man was charge with Investment Fraud. White Collar Crimes The FBI website story speaks of this young man setting up his illegal business in and around military post in the Virginia Beach area where he targeted military soldiers and their families. The outcome of my research is that like in the state of Virginia, where the Virginia Financial and Securities Fraud Task Force formed a partnership between criminal investigator, including the FBI, and civil regulators to investigate and prosecute white collar fraud cases.

The approach or actions that needs to take place when conducting a research in White Collar Crimes is that everyone should be held accountable. Most crimes that occur are often committed by someone who’s under the impression that they can’t be touch. Since the Enron case, it seems to me that now with Coo’s and Coffs having to sign off on paper work that they might have not sign off on in the past have made things a little better. The situation is not completely fixed, but it seems as if things are turning around. Upon completion of my research, I feel as if White Collar crimes can and will be handle on a different level Han in the past.

First, I think that Prosecutors at the state level will received more money to help prosecute cases faster, second, I think that criminals will received harsher penalties and longer jail times.

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Federal Bureau of Investigation. (2018, Jun 04). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/federal-bureau-of-investigation/

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