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Blessed Farm Partnership

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Blessed Farm Partnership Introduction British Isles has joined the European Community (EC) since 1972. By then, Blessed Farm receives funds from EC and its products can be sold at a guaranteed price under the common agricultural policy (CAP) of EC. Although Blessed Farm has faced problems, including increase in land prices, opposition from residents and increase in number of death of pigs, it has been operating for a number of years since there was a great support from different stakeholders.

It is important to identify these stakeholders and understand the motivation for them to become part of Blessed Farm.

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Blessed Farm Partnership
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In order to tackle the above problems, two partners of the Farm, Mr. Brighton and Mr. Stayton came up with four proposals to improve the situation.

Before deciding which proposal is to be implemented and benefits the farm the most, it is important to consider the following issues: First, the relative strengths and weaknesses of each project, the required information and the sources of information before implementing each proposal; Second, which party will support and object under each proposal in order to see whether there is a great obstruction in implementing the proposal; Third, the changes of each proposal so as to judge the level of changes brought by the proposals.

? Blessed Farm’s stakeholders

Blessed Farm’s stakeholders includes the partners of Blessed Farm (Mr. Stayton and Mr. Brighton), employees (Mike Fulwood and Mary Blake), the European Community (EC), local residents (for example, Lord and Lady Blessed), suppliers (for example, the German pig producers), farmers, competitors, customers, the company of disposing waste, the local government and the local animal right groups. Motivation for them to become involved For the partners of Blessed Farm, they become involved because of the desire to get the grant from European Community (EC) and have a return from the investment.

Mr. Brighton has the necessary expertise and a network with the government. Mr. Stayton has provided the land to Blessed Farm. For the suppliers, they become involved because of the profits in selling the goods to Blessed Farm. They want Blessed Farm to demand a stable supply from them. Also, grant from EC has motivated the whole industry. For EC, they become involved because Blessed Farm is one of its members and receives the grant. For the competitors, they become involved because of the desire in the sharing of techniques as well as to seek for cooperation among others.

For the local residents, they become involved because of the environmental concerns, safety issues and lower price of products than before. The smell from the pig waste shortage affects their living environment and the attractiveness of the historically important house, owned by Lord and Lady Blessed. For the customers, they become involved because they demand high quality of products with a low price. They want Blessed Farm to produce products with improved quality and cheaper price than before.

Also, there is a change of living standards among the customers. For the employees, they become involved because of the desire in achieving a higher salary with appropriate workloads. At present, they enjoy holidays of a month annually. They also want to have a good working environment and a high commission. For the bank lending money to Blessed Farm, it demands a stable interest payment from Blessed Farm. For other banks, they seek for business opportunities to be carried out with Blessed Farm and develop a long-term business relationship among each other.

For the local government, they become involved because of the desire in receiving high profit tax revenue and high GDP. They also want to improve the living standard of the people and prevent diseases from pigs, such as pig flu. For the animal right groups, they are involved because of their stands in protecting pig rights. For the co-operatives, they become involved because they are concerned about the revenue and maintaining a long-term relationship with Blessed Farm.

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Blessed Farm Partnership. (2016, Sep 18). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/blessed-farm-partnership/

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