First Day at School

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Today was my frist day when I changed my class!! it was awsome and great!! We learned about how can I make lesson plan, and also I have to do peer teaching to my class mates!! I was worry about my class but when I went to the class , I had really great time!! Many events happened in my life in the past. I have forgotten some of them. But I clearly remember some. They will remain fresh in my memory. My first day at school is such event. I was six years old when I was admitted to school. My mother thought me at home.

She was really good in teaching . That is why, her life occupation was teaching kids in primary school. I was nervous at first, when I came in the foyer of my school. That place was huge and enormous ;besides, it was the biggest school in our town. There were many boys and girls of my age. The teacher in the class asked my name. Then she chose a girl ,about my height, whom I was seating with ever since. As I remember teacher was asking some questions. Fortunately I answered those correctly. So she was much pleased with me.

The school broke up at 2PM The boys were going out of the school with loud noises. It was a new experience to me. I also go along with them. My mother was waiting for me anxiously. She took me home. On our way home I told her of my good impression. She was glad to hear that. My first day at school was overall an important day to me. It was beginning of my new life. I still remember that day. Since that time, I have started encounter new friends new skills, and new explorations. Studying as habit took a good place in me.

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