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One exercise we did in class was the Fat Burning Walk. It can be done daily or on the days your body needs to recover from a more intense exercise. For this work out you are walking at a pace that uses 60-70% of your maximum heart rate. First you start off at an easy pace. After that you stretch and then walk again for another 30-60 minutes. The pace should be easy enough to talk in full sentences, but fast enough that you are breathing harder than usual. Walk at a slower pace for about 10 minutes as a cool down, and then stretch again. The main benefit of this walk is that it gets your body to burn its stored fat for energy.

Another exercise we did in class was the aerobic walk. This work out should be done about every other day. First you walk at an easy pace for about 10 minutes. Stretch for 5 minutes then continue walking at a pace that uses 70-80% of your maximum heart rate for 30-50 minutes. You should only be able to speak in short sentences. Cool down for 10 minutes at an easy pace then finish up by stretching. The main benefits of this walk are that it improves aerobic fitness, increases the number and size of blood vessels in the muscles and increases your lung power.

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I think the most beneficial walk we did in class for me was the aerobic walk. That was the walk that really made me break a sweat and push myself. It really got my heart rate up and gave me better aerobic endurance. If I knew a person who was trying to get in shape, I would recommend fitness walking to them because it’s low impact on your body. While you still get a good workout, there’s no excessive pressure on your joints or muscles. I would also recommend it because it’s aerobic and aerobic exercise is beneficial to your heart and overall health.

Also, it’s a workout anyone can do regardless of physical ability. There are no special skills involved in walking. It’s also a good workout because it’s a good way to lose weight. The fat burning walk especially would be a good way to get rid of excess body fat. And the final benefit of fitness walking is that studies have shown it helps to prevent diabetes. Walking helps to improve insulin sensitivity. Race walking is a fast paced, long distance walk done as a sport. It’s different from running because one foot has to stay on the ground at all times.

The walker’s back toe cannot leave the ground until the heel of the front foot has touched. Another rule is that the supporting leg must straighten from the point of contact with the ground and remain straightened until the body passes directly over it. And they usually keep their arms pumping low at hip level. Often times it appears their hips are swiveling because they are rotating their pelvis. This is to move the pelvis forward, and to minimize sideways motion in order to achieve maximum forward propulsion.

Strides are also usually short and quick in order to reduce the risk of lifting their feet off the ground. Racewalking was developed as one of the original track and field events of the first meeting of the English Amateur Athletics Association in 1880. It first appeared as an Olympic sport in 1904. This now includes races with distances of 20 kilometers for both men and women and 50 kilometers for men only. A World Cup in racewalking is held biennially, and racewalk events appear in the IAAF Athletic World Championships, the Commonwealth Games and the Pan American Games, among others.

I found race walking to be very difficult because of the restrictions. Not being able to lift both feet off the ground was frustrating and hard to do. I think racewalking is especially difficult because you do not get the momentum you would get from running which propels you forward. Running does not necessarily burn more calories than walking would. Walking at high speeds can in fact burn the same amount of calories as running. But there are also variables that include the length of the workout or the distance.

Obviously if you run for a much greater distance than you would walk, you would burn more calories. But if you walk at a fast pace for the same distance as a runner, there would be little difference in calories burnt. Walking at a speed of 5 mph, or 12 minutes per mile, would burn the same amount of calories as a jogger. But if you are a runner, you don’t get any calorie burning benefit by going faster than 10 minutes per mile or 6 mph. The further you walk or run, the more calories you burn. You get the most benefit by adding distance to your workout regardless of whether you walk or run.

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