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Healthy Diet for Kids

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    Every parent wants their child to grow healthy and strong. What kids eat and drink amid their initial age can upshot their health for many years to come. It’s paramount to boost the kids to eat full and nutritious food. Poor nutrition during childhood can lead to many health disorders like obesity, diabetes, hypertension and coronary heart diseases.

    Toddler phase is a period where eating is needful at small intervals after your child has passed the milk feeding spell. Here your kid gets acquaint and thrash out to eating table food and acknowledging new tastes and flavors. A toddler is picky about his feeds, twists his head away after having few bites. Eating needs of toddlers is around 1000 calories a day to fulfill their growth, healthy nourishment and impetus according to their size and activity level.

    The dietary intake of kids in the age 1-3 years is very significant as their nutritional needs are high at this sphere. The eating habits of kids of this age are erratic and fickle from one day to another. Your kid might eat everything in peep at breakfast but nothing else for the rest of the day. Your child’s need will vary from his activity level, growth rate and his metabolism.

    So it becomes the call of clock to entail something interesting as well as healthy and balanced which will engross and crave the naughty explorers to eat well. The toddler’s diet is much more divergent than older child or adult because toddlers are needful of more fat and less fiber than that of recommended for others.


    Eggs are composed of protein iron and vitamin D which helps the body to absorb calcium for bone development. They also stimulate muscle growth in your kids. Proteins at breakfast elude the mid morning hunger pangs of toddlers and keep them satisfy throughout the day. Note: most of the nutrition in eggs is found in yolk.


    Bananas hold piles of vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium and fiber. These nutrients can help heart health and muscle movement of your kid. It’s also helpful for digestion of food.


    Fiber rich whole grains like oatmeal digest slowly and provide the toddlers with steady energy. Kids who engulf oatmeal are better able to concentrate and pay attention to their activities.

    Fruits and Vegetables

    They are rich origin of vitamins and minerals facilitating healthy brain and eye development of your child. Fruits contain dietary fiber which keeps your kid active and healthy. To boon your toddlers with nutritional yields make them expose to eat variety of fruits like apples, oranges, berries and melon. Your kid should consumes five portions of fruits and vegetables everyday because they cede strong muscles and bones to your kid.


    Nuts are full of complete and healthy fats which your toddler needs for proper growth and a healthier heart. So having a little bit of fat in the morning boost your kids with energy to keep them going.


    Milk is a complete nutritional food. The milk protein helps your kids to build brain tissues. Also the calcium contained in milk keeps the teethes and bones of your toddlers strong. So push them to have milk every day for complete nutrition.


    Yogurt sounds good in taste for many toddlers. It harbors healthy bacteria to boost immunity and digestion of your kid. You can add a dizen of honey in yogurt after the kid reaches the age of 1.

    Grain Cereal Foods

    Cereals are a great core of fiber. But always opt for whole grain foods like bread (prefer white bread), rice, potatoes, cereals, pasta, noodles etc. as compared to refined grains like cakes or biscuits. Because they are high in fat, sodium and added sugar.

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