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The Cause and Effect of Healthy Diet

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    In modern social, with the development of technology, people’ living habits are worse and worse, and the number of fat people are more and more. “In Brazil, 1 in 5 adolescents are overweight or obese. Environmental factors have great influence on the genesis of the obesity epidemic, due mainly to the consumption of energy dense foods, low levels of physical activity, and sedentary lifestyle.” (Cunha,2017) The reasons why people’s body become bad are so many, but the most important is the diet, many people like eating the junk food, and they even have no fixed meal time. There is no double that they need a healthy diet. The healthy diet is an eating habit which rules the eating time and the food. We need to know the healthy diet for getting rid of sub-health state. So that the first step is to figure out the cause and effect of healthy diet.

    The first cause for it, it’s the nutrition. Everyone knows that the appropriate nutrition matching lead to the healthy diet, and if we find the correct matching of nutrition, the diet habit will be healthy. The meat is the main food in daily life, and the meat is also a kind of important food which provide the nutrition for people. The protein in the meat also provides the most basic energy to support the people’s body, it is an important part of the composition, renewal and repair of tissues and cells. It participates in the regulation of material metabolism and physiological functions, ensuring the growth, development, reproduction, inheritance and energy supply of the body. In addition to protein, there are many elements in meat, in addition to protein, there are many elements in meat, “meat is an important source for some micronutrients such as iron, selenium, vitamins A, B12 and Folic acid. These micronutrients are either not present in plant derived food or have a poor bioavailability. In addition, meat as a protein rich and carbohydrate ‘‘low’’ product contributes to a low glycemic index which is assumed to be ‘‘beneficial’’ with respect to obesity, diabetes development and cancer (insulin resistance hypothesis). Taken together meat is an important nutrient for human health and development. As an essential part of a mixed diet, meat ensures adequate delivery of essential micronutrients and amino acids and is involved in regulatory processes of energy metabolism.” (Biegalski, H. K. (2005). Meat as a component of a healthy diet–are there any risks or benefits if meat is avoided in the diet? Meat science, 70(3), 509-524.) And then, it’s the vitamin which can Maintain normal physiological function, although it never provides the energy for people, it also plays an important role in the metabolism of new towns.

    The vitamins can help the blood clot, it can make sure the people’s cell grow normally, but people can’t get them by the synthesis in the body, the only way to them is to have the vegetables and the fruits. “They are crucial to the normal growth and development of human body and the regulation of physiological functions. Vegetables and fruits are the main nutrients that provide vitamins.” (Encyclopedia of sogou, 2017) And there is a Food intake ratio data, “To date, two Dutch indices have been developed by Löwik et al. [14], both based on the Dutch Guidelines for a Healthy Diet of 1986. The first dietary quality index consisted of five criteria: less than 35% energy from total fat, less than 10% energy from saturated fatty acids (SFA), less than 33 mg/MJ cholesterol, more than 50% energy from carbohydrates and less than 25% energy, from mono and disaccharides.” (The Dutch Healthy Diet index (DHD-index): an instrument to measure adherence to the Dutch Guidelines for a Healthy diet by Lee, van, L; Geelen, A; Hooft Van Huysduynen, E.J.C; More…Nutrition Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 1) The food collocation is the key to make the nutrition achieve the healthy diet, and the appropriate food matching can achieve that the healthy food enter your body and play their best role, the nutrition in food lead to the healthy diet.

    The second cause for the healthy diet, it’s the eating arrangements. The eating arrangements are about the speed of eating food, the time to eat food and the order of eating food. First at all, the speed of eating food is important, the much quick eating speed is bad for health, it would lead to eat much but also hungry, or make your stomach too swelling. And then, the time to eat food is the most important points, everyday’ meal must be the fixed time, and it’s unhealthy to eat before sleeping. At last, the correct order of eating food also can keep people healthy. In china, people always eat cold dishes first, then main courses and finally soup, it’s not only a tradition, but also a kind of old people’s intelligence. This order can make people’s stomach have a best process to receive the food. The arrangements of eating food are a important points to keep healthy diet.

    Finally, it’s about the effects of healthy diet. In modern social, the obesity is a common situation now, because the unhealthy diet always affects the people’s process of eating food. The unhealthy diet make people get too much or too less some curtained nutrition, it will lead to the fat or other disease. Such as the XX(lack of reference, I will add it into the draft 3)

    As the conclusion, the correct food matching which provides the appropriate nutrition for people, and the correct eating arrangements make every meal more ordered. the healthy diet is always kind for people, the unhealthy diet destroys the health and cause all kinds of diseases, it’s also why I have to find the effect and cause of healthy diet.


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