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Foreign Aid Satire

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Another Hard Day at the Foreign Aid OfficeIt was the year of 2054, when the war between Azag and Learsi was
still ongoing, without any end in sight.
The great country of Learsi was having an outstanding economy,
standard of living, and more than enough money to spend on their
military, in order to fight with the newest and most advanced
weaponary. In contrast, Azag’s people were living in poverty. Controlled
by, officially a democracy with more two parties (Samah and Hataf), and unofficially a cold blooded dictatorship, ruled by one man, whos name is unknowen by the outer world.

Both countries have a very difficult relation to each other, characterized by wars, which are ongoing for more than 70 years.
Azag’s, group behind the dictatorship was called Samah. These people, often compared to terrorists, simply slaughter everybody who is against them,
spend all their earnings on military equipment and personel in order
to defeat Learsi, rather than investing in their already broken
economy, infrastructure and people who are living below the standard of living within the
Middle East.Most of the people were already tired of this, almost 70 year long lasting
conflict, and didn’t even take it seriously anymore.
Samah‘s aim was to finally make an end to it, no matter what it takes.
Because of the rough situation Azag is in, the NUT (Nations United Together)
decided to step in and provide them a high amount of foreign aid, to
be precise, 500.000.000 Srallod’s, which was the leading currency, in the whole world at that time.
There was one person responsible for controlling in which sectors the government invests the
funds, because as already seen previously, the government of Azag
loves to let money vanish, and afterwords saying that they actually used it for a
good purpose, without having any proof. The name of this specific person, who had an enormous responsibility on himself, was Num Ik Nab, an average
sized, thin man with…

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Foreign Aid Satire
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