Formal Conversation Using Formal Language

Christine: Did your assistant leave you a note that I will be having a short talk with you regarding our new project? - Formal Conversation Using Formal Language introduction?? Joseph: Yes, and by the way thank you for having me as a part of our new project. I’m looking forward for today’s meeting with you since my secretary told me that you’ll be having a short talk with me after lunch. Christine: It’s my pleasure as well for working together with you on this new project. The company really appreciates the efforts you’ve given for years and the success you’ve had with your past projects.

Anyway, I was wondering if we could discuss our new marketing strategy for a moment. Joseph: Certainly Christine. Have you learned that Anne is also working with me about changing the product image? Christine: Yes, you’ll make an excellent team. How do you feel about the merchandise we’re pushing? Joseph: In my opinion, the products were offering are fine. However, I think we should concentrate on expanding our market share in the young adult market. Christine: I totally agree. Who buys more products than twenty something?

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Joseph: Exactly. We haven’t been very successful in our branding efforts, have we? Christine: I’m not keen on changing our target audience, but we certainly have to improve our brand image. Joseph: If we want to edge out our main competitor, we’re going to have to target customers at a younger age. Christine: Maybe, but we also have to keep our competitive edge in quality. Joseph: Why don’t we all talk together with the others for a discussion? Christine: That will be a great idea.

By the way, can you let me know when your next meeting with Anne is going to be? I’d like to go over some of our restructuring ideas with both of you, maybe tomorrow. Joseph: As a matter of fact, we’ll be meeting this afternoon. Let’s meet at four, shall we? Christine: I’m afraid I already have an appointment then. Do you think we could meet tomorrow? Joseph: Well, I’ll have to check with Anne. Christine: It was nice talking with you. Have a good day. Joseph: It’s a pleasure. Have a good day too.

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