Analysis Of Garbology By William Rathje

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Jill Baguchinsby defines Garbology as the examination of waste products generated by a group of individuals, which includes studying and analyzing items like food and trash to gain insights into their activities such as waste disposal. This field is considered a specialized branch within archaeology. The Garbage Project was started by William Rathje, who is a professor at the University of Arizona. His objective was to apply archaeological techniques to contemporary societies. The project has two main aims: methodological advancements and substantial findings.

David Thomas Hurst states that the goals are to comprehend the connection between material remains and the behavior that generated them, as well as to clarify specific and recurring patterns. The gathered trash provided insights into the eating habits of a small family. Among the discovered items were a large Silk Pure Almond Milk, weighing 77 grams and measuring 180mm x 90mm. Additionally, there was a small Nestle low fat milk box, weighing 28 grams and measuring 160mm x 90mm. A large pack of Nestle green butterfly milk, weighing 11 grams and measuring 100mm x 60mm, was also found. Based on these findings, it can be concluded that one member of the family is unable to digest lactose – a sugar found in milk – suggesting lactose intolerance. This may be due to their concern about fat intake or their preference for skim milk.

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Despite being aware of the type of milk consumed, individuals possess knowledge regarding the health benefits of milk for specific reasons. Additionally, amongst the discoveries, a packet of Cetaphill gentle Cleansing Bar was found, measuring 11 grams in weight and 100mm in length by 60mm in width, suggesting the possibility of sensitive skin for the individual. Furthermore, a pack of Yardley London Cocoa butter, weighing 2 grams and measuring 60mm in length by 40mm in width, was also found in the trash. This indicates that a family member may have had dry skin or a desire for softer and smoother skin.

In the garbage, a packet of Lady Tone capsules was found weighing 3 grams, measuring 90mm in length and 70mm in width, suggesting vitamin intake. Additionally, there were three empty toilet paper rolls, each weighing 6 grams, measuring 90mm in length and 40mm in width, indicating hygiene. Furthermore, a large bottle of Cif Cleaner cream weighing 40 grams and measuring 260mm in length and 40mm in width was discovered, suggesting cleaning activities.

Based on the aforementioned findings, it can be concluded that their self-care was maintained adequately by using essential health-related items. Additionally, their family primarily consumed a significant amount of carbohydrates in their diet. This is evident from various food items found in the garbage, such as a 57g can of Matouks Chana in Brine measuring 100mm in length and 70mm in width, a 3g pack of Grace Spaghetti measuring 280mm in length and 90mm in width, a 55g can of Eve cream style corn measuring 100mm in length and 70mm in width, a
4g slice of KISS whole wheat bread measuring110mm in length and50 mm in width, and a
2g box of KRAFT Mac and cheese measuring180 mm in length and90 mmin width.

Considering the family’s busy schedule, it can be inferred that they prefer convenient meal choices. Moreover, they possessed a sizable box of Florida’s Natural orange juice, weighing 79 grams and measuring 190mm x 90mm in size, which supplied them with Vitamin C. Additionally, they carried three small blue water bottles, each weighing 3 grams and measuring 90mm x 40mm, indicating their commitment to staying hydrated.

Soft drinks like Cannings Big Red, which weigh 27 grams and measure 220mm long and 70mm wide, along with Coca Cola caps, and two packets of Chocolate Fudge Nibbles weighing 2 grams each and measuring 180mm long and 110mm wide, were discovered in the garbage. This implies that a significant amount of sugary beverages were being consumed, indicating the presence of a teenager in the household. Additionally, scholar file paper weighing 5 grams each and measuring 270mm long and 210mm wide were also found, suggesting that a family member attended school.

The family owned an Hp 122 black ink packet weighing 43 grams, measuring 120mm in length and 80mm wide. This indicates their technological inclinations, and since they use HP products, it suggests they have an average income. Examining their Garbology project reveals their fast-paced lifestyle, as they preferred quick and easy-to-prepare foods. Additionally, they prioritized skincare and maintained a healthy intake of vitamins.

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