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Analysis Of Garbology By William Rathje

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  • Pages 4
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    Garbology Report According to Jill Baguchinsby, Garbology ‘is the careful observation and study of the waste products produced by a population of people, in order to learn about that population’s activities in areas such as waste disposal and food consumed. It is also described as a niche of archaeology. Every piece of trash collected becomes valuable and interesting artifacts from which many inferences about their source can be made. The Garbage Project was started by William Rathje, who is a Professor at the University of Arizona. He was attempting to apply archaeological methods to the analysis and description of modern societies. There are two basic goals of the garbage project, that is, the methodological and substantive objective.

    These objectives, ‘find out how material remains relate to the behavior that produced them,’… and ‘attempting to find workable explanations of specific and recurrent patterns. ’ (David Thomas Hurst). Based on the garbage that was collected, there were several inferences made about the family’s dietary habits. The garbage collected can be that of a small family. While identifying the different pieces of trash, there were several items identified such as, a large Silk Pure Almond Milk, which was lactose and iary free. This packet weighted 77 grams; its length was 180mm and 90mm wide. Also, a small Nestle low fat milk box which is 28 grams; 160mm long and 90mm wide and a large pack of Nestle green butterfly milk which is 11 grams; 100mm in length and 60mm wide. From the discovery, it can be inferred that a member of the family is lactose intolerance which means they are unable to digest lactose, a sugar found in milk because they are conscious about their fat intake or maybe they enjoy skim milk.

    Even though they are aware of the type of milk consumed, due to specific reasons, they are knowledgeable about the health benefits of milk. In addition to the things discovered, a packet of Cetaphill gentle Cleansing Bar was found, which is 11 grams; 100mm in length and 60mm wide, which indicates that the person could have sensitive skin. Also in the trash, there was a pack of Yardley London Cocoa butter, weighing 2 grams, 60mm in length and 40mm wide. A family member probably had dry skin or they may have wanted their skin to be softer and smoother.

    A packet of Lady Tone capsules weighing 3 grams; 90mm long and 70mm wide, were also in the garbage, which suggest that there were some intake of vitamins being used. There were also three empty toilet paper rolls, each weighing 6 grams; 90mm long and 40mm wide, which means that they are very hygienic. Moreover, a large bottle of Cif Cleaner cream weighing 40 grams, 260mm in length and 40mm wide, was found which indicates that there were some cleaning that took place.

    Based on the above findings, it can be inferred that they took very good care of themselves, by using the necessary items to keep them healthy. Furthermore, there is a lot of carbohydrate in the family diet. This is so because the trash contained a can of Matouks Chana in Brine, weighing 57 grams; 100mm long and 70 mm wide, Grace Spaghetti 3 grams; 280mm long and 90mm wide. Also a can of Eve cream style corn weighing 55 grams; 100mm in length and 70 mm wide, KISS whole wheat slice bread weighing 4 grams; 110mm in length and 50mm wide and a box of KRAFT Mac and cheese 2 grams; 180mm long and 90 mm wide.

    It can be inferred that the family does not always have a lot of time to prepare a mean, due to their busy lifestyles at work or attending school, so they would look for something that is quick and easy to prepare. Moreover, there were a large box of Florida’s Natural orange juice weighing 79 grams; 190mm long and 90mm wide, which meant that there was an intake of Vitamin C, and also there were three small blue water bottles, each weighing 3 grams, 90mm in length and 40mm wide. Based on this, it can be inferred that they kept hydrated.

    Soft drinks such as Cannings Big Red weighing 27 grams; 220mm long and 70mm wide, Coca Cola caps and two packet of Chocolate Fudge Nibbles each weighing 2 grams; 180mm long and 110mm wide were found in the garbage. From this it can be inferred, that there were high amount of sugars being consumed, which would mean that a teenager was present in the house. There were also scholar file paper found weighing 5 grams each; 270mm long and 210mm wide, which suggest that a family member attended school.

    As well as an Hp 122 black ink packet, 43 grams; 120mm in length and 80mm wide, which meant that they were technologically inclined, and the fact that they use HP means that they have an average income. After completing this Garbology project, it can be seen that this family lived a fast pace lifestyle because they chose foods that was fast and easy to prepare. They also ensured that their skin was well taken care of an ensured they had some intake of vitamins to keep them healthy.

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