Glenn C. Altschuler’s All Shook Up: How Rock ‘N’ Roll Changed America

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Music has always been important in history, starting from prehistoric times. It has changed and now includes various styles that have been influenced by early blues and rhythm and blues from the 1940s and 1950s. Even back then, as well as today, music caused conflicts between different generations.

In his book “All Shook Up: How Rock ‘N’ Roll Changed America,” Glenn C. Altschuler examines the clashes arising from music in relation to race and gender at that time. Through the examination of primary sources and a narrative approach, Altschuler convincingly depicts the profound and influential effects of this music genre on the United States, whether fostering or suppressing these conflicts.

Glenn C. Altschuler obtained a Ph.D. in American History from Cornell University in 1976 and has been with the institution since 1981, both as a faculty member and administrator. Presently, he holds the position of Thomas and Dorothy Litwin Professor of American Studies and acts as the Dean for the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions at Cornell University located in Ithaca, NY. According to information found on Cornell University’s official website, his course centered around American Popular Culture is exceptionally well-received by students and covers a year-long duration. In addition to this, he has authored various books on topics such as American history and popular culture; one notable example being Changing Channels: America in TV Guide.

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