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Autobiography of Mine



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    Hi, I am Justin Kurt M. Tesiorna. I was born in 28th of June in Chinese General Hospital at Manila. I was name at the author of the book that My Mom was reading. I live at 40# Kasiyahan Street Barangay Holy Spirit Quezon City. I am a graduating student of Shepherd’s Grace School. I am 15 years of age. I am a member of choir in our church. My father’s name is Joseph M. Tesiorna; My mother’s name is Josephine M. Tesiorna. They are both Filipino.

    My Father didn’t finish his studies, He just finished high school but He is working as a skilled worker, a foreman. My mother finish her studies at University of East, Her course is Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Accounting. She is a Freelance/CPA. We are four siblings, I am the only boy and all are girls who are Noreen, Coleen, and Kathleen M. Tesiorna. Noreen is a 3rd year high school student, Coleen is a grade 5 and Kathleen is grade 4 student of elementary level.

    I play a lot of games, indoor and outdoor games. In indoor, I play chess, scrabble, word factory, and etc. In outdoor games, I play basketball, badminton, and etc. I can play also musical instruments like flute and a little in guitar. I love to play computer games like Warcraft and some online games. I love to watch movies also, I always download movies at my computer. I’d like to watch Sci-Fi, Horror, and adventurous movies.

    The most game that I’d like to do is to play basketball and computer games. My ambition in life is to finish my studies to have a good job and to have a happy family. I want to become a professional and a successful man. My dream is to become a famous basketball player and to see the beauty of nature by travelling the earth with my family, relatives, and my friends. I want to have a happy family, I want to have many child. But most of all, I want to be happy and live forever with God.

    Autobiography of Mine. (2017, Jan 06). Retrieved from

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