Descriptive of a Beautiful Friend of Mine

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Helen Keller once stated that the world’s beauty cannot be perceived or physically experienced, but rather can only be sensed emotionally. This notion may be challenging to comprehend when you have a person in your life whom you have been acquainted with for an extended period of time. While this individual may view you solely as a friend, at times you might experience more profound sentiments towards them. These conflicting emotions may cause you to discreetly observe their presence, resulting in what appears as peculiar behavior. Now imagine being utterly enthralled by the most stunning girl ever witnessed by anyone on earth.

Christina is beautiful both in her physical appearance and in her patience and kindness. Her light brown hair has the color of a sunbeam that shines through my bedroom window in the morning, sparkling and shimmering as it catches the gentle breeze. Its length is luxurious, reaching the middle of her lower back, making me long to be embraced by it as I seek comfort from the outside world. Furthermore, everyone around her is captivated by her radiant and flawless face.

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The structure of her facial features, such as her cheekbones and nose, effortlessly convey her gentle and soft nature. Additionally, she possesses a radiant glow and well-proportioned face that could be mistaken for royalty. Her petite and toned physique suggests she could be a model, emphasizing her dedication to fitness. Remarkably, she manages two jobs while being a full-time student, demonstrating her passion and anticipation for a rewarding future.

I envision myself with her in the future in indescribable ways. Although she currently sees me as a friend, I desire for her to see me as something more.

Realizing that she fails to acknowledge or take into account it is discouraging. I have transformed into this individual because of her, which motivates me to start my day, go to school and work, and still find joy even though I only get three or four hours of sleep every night. She has implanted in me the conviction that everything serves a purpose and will eventually hold worth. Christina possesses an immense amount of patience, granting others an additional opportunity to contemplate and make optimal decisions for themselves. She meticulously reflects on her actions and words before articulating them.

Despite being asked to do unusual things, my friend’s immense patience allows her to consider them. She not only exhibits patience towards my actions but also understands why I behave the way I do. Her level of patience extends beyond me as she willingly carries out tasks requested by others in order to bring happiness to everyone around her. Making people smile is her passion and it shows through the extraordinary beauty of her smile, including her lovely dimples. Additionally, her remarkably straight and white teeth resemble a mirror reflecting my own image. Whenever I am with her, thoughts of her fill my mind and a natural smile appears on my face for no specific reason.

Although I have mixed emotions towards this girl, I ponder whether she is aware of it. The beauty of Christina lies within her personality. Throughout my upbringing, I was taught not to judge individuals based solely on their external appearance. This principle has been ingrained in me and remains steadfast. Her physical attractiveness perfectly complements her inner qualities. It is a rare occurrence for her to display anger, and if by chance it does happen, she swiftly moves past it. What sets her apart from any other girl I have encountered is her genuine kindness. Whenever assistance is needed, she consistently extends a helping hand regardless of the circumstances at hand. Not only is Christina my closest friend but also someone whom I have known intimately for the last nine years. We have essentially grown up together and she possesses knowledge about every aspect of my life.

If she were to discover that I am currently writing about her, she would probably smile and playfully call me a creep. However, does she truly comprehend the depth of my feelings for her? Describing Christina’s beauty, patience, and kindness is challenging because a simple explanation cannot capture who she truly is. As I mentioned before, witnessing her motivation in the morning inspires me to strive for personal growth. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and regardless of whether or not I have a role in her future, she will always hold a special place in my heart. My emotions towards her encompass admiration for one of the most beautiful things in the world.

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