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Search Engine Built Into the Browser

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Google alliances 2005. Firefox 60 million daily users in 2008. Google finances 85% of Firefox in exchange for having its search engine embedded in the browser In 2008, partnership deal with Apple to have the Google search engine appear by default on Iphones (13 million devices sold by october 2008). Partnerships with manufacturers allow the search engine to be guaranteed to in a prime position. 2006. The Google Toolbar is part of the web navigator which makes Google the default search engine.

Adobe installs it as part of a package with Shockwave (2006).

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Search Engine Built Into the Browser
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http://www. slideshare. net/misteroo/all-about-google-presentation In 2005 Google announced a partnership with NASA Ames Research Center to build up 1,000,000 square feet (93,000m2) of offices and work on research projects involving large-scale data management, nanotechnology, distributed computing, and the entrepreneurial space industry. Google also entered into a partnership with Sun Microsystems in October to help share and distribute each other’s technologies.

The company entered into a partnership with AOL of Time Warner, to enhance each other’s video search services.

In 2006, Google and Fox Interactive Media of News Corp entered into a $900 million agreement to provide search and advertising on the popular social networking site, MySpace. Google has developed a partnership with GeoEye to launch a satellite providing Google with high-resolution (0. 41 m monochrome, 1. 65 m color) imagery for Google Earth. The satellite was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base on 6 September 2008. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Google

June 5, 2003 – Google and Lycos Europe today announced an agreement whereby Google will provide relevant content-targeted ads to the member pages of Europe’s largest homepage building community, Lycos Tripod. This agreement extends the reach for Google advertisers to a potential of four million member pages of Lycos Tripod, while enabling Lycos Europe to generate revenue from one of its largest community products. Google’s content-targeted advertising service will begin in the UK and Germany immediately, and will be introduced in France in July and in Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden in August.

This partnership will leverage Google’s content-targeted advertising to provide relevant text-based ads to users of member pages of Lycos Tripod. The relevancy of the ads is a high priority for both partners. The personal homepages of Lycos Tripod members offer a wide range of topics for Google’s advertisers such as arts, business, hobbies, travelling, games and others. These pages generate approximately 450 million to 500 million page views per month. http://www. google. com/press/pressrel/lycos_de. html May 25, 2006 Google confirmed deal that will bundle some of its software on Dell Inc. s personal computers, providing the online search engine leader with another potentially potent weapon in its fierce rivalry with Microsoft Corp. The partnership means potentially millions of Dell computers will leave the factories with Google software already installed, an advantage that could widen the usage of the products and provide another boost to Google’s already rapidly growing profits. http://forums. macrumors. com/showthread. php? t=203954 Thursday, 13 July 2006 Google, whose recently acquired online word processor, Writely, will support the Open Document Format (ODF) has joined the Open Document Alliance.

The move follows Microsoft’s announcement of support for ODF with the release of a range of plug-in translators for use with Office applications and is the latest development reflecting the growing momentum of ODF. The Open Document Alliance was launched on 3 March 2006 with more than 35 initial members from a wide range of countries around the world to promote and advance the use of Open Document Format (ODF). It has since grown to 240 members, and its document format has been accepted by the ISO as an international standard. http://www. itwire. com/content/view/4950/127/

August 28, 2006. Google and eBay announced an alliance to provide a click-to-call service enabled through Google Talk and Skype. Google will provide all international ads for eBay. Specifically, Google will become the exclusive text-based advertising provider for eBay outside the United States. In addition, eBay and Google plan to integrate and launch “click-to-call” advertising functionality that leverage both Skype and Google Talk globally in each company’s respective shopping and search platforms. “We’re pleased to expand our long-standing relationship with

Google to explore new market opportunities, like click-to-call advertising, that benefit both our communities of users,” said Meg Whitman, President and CEO, eBay Inc. “This agreement underscores how much we value eBay as a partner,” said Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google. “Our technologies will allow us to connect users to relevant advertising across eBay’s international properties. By working together to promote click-to-call functionality through Google Talk and Skype, we are offering advertisers another innovative way to connect with customers. http://www. google. com/intl/en/press/pressrel/ebay. html Sept. 13, 2006 Intuit Inc. and Google Inc. announced a strategic alliance designed to help millions of small businesses promote themselves online using a variety of popular Google services built into most QuickBooks® 2007 products. The alliance combines Intuit’s deep knowledge and experience solving small business problems with Google’s expertise and reach on the Web to help small businesses address their number one objective – attracting new customers.

For the first time, small businesses can use QuickBooks to market themselves online by listing their businesses on Google Maps™, creating and managing advertising campaigns with Google AdWords™ and posting their products for sale on Google through Google Base™ – a free product listing service. Integrated into QuickBooks 2007, available this fall, QuickBooks customers will have the ability to attract new customers using Google, the world’s leading search engine. This alliance combines the strengths of both Google and Intuit to deliver innovative online technologies that help small businesses succeed in an increasingly competitive business environment,” said Eric Schmidt, chief executive officer of Google. “By adding key Google services into the world’s most popular accounting product, we’re making it easier than ever for small businesses to find and use all of the tools available to them. ” http://web. intuit. com/about_intuit/press_releases/2006/09-13a. html

October 24, 2007 The Nielsen Company and Google announced today that they have established a multi-year, strategic relationship, with the first step being to leverage Nielsen’s experience in television audience measurement to bring demographic data to the Google TV Ads advertising platform. By combining Nielsen demographic data with aggregated set-top box data, Google can provide advertisers and agencies with comprehensive information to help them create better ads for viewers and maximize the return on their advertising spending.

This is the first time that advertisers and agencies will have this level of detailed measurement available in a single place and at such a large scale. This information is available through the existing Google AdWords report center. “As we continue to expand our TV advertising program, it is important that we provide advertisers and agencies with data that will help them reach their target demographic with the right ad,” said Eric Schmidt, chief executive officer at Google. “Working closely with Nielsen, the industry leader, improves our measurement capabilities by adding a demographic layer on top of existing set-top box data. http://www. imediaconnection. com/news/17103. asp November 5, 2007 Google just officially announced the Open Handset Alliance to create an open platform (to be called Android) for a Linux phone that can run mobile Google apps and others. The 34 partners include T-Mobile, Sprint Nextel, NTT Docomo, China Mobile, Telefonica, Telecom Italia, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony Ericson, Vodafone, Qualcomm, Intel, and Google itself. List of partners on page : http://www. openhandsetalliance. com/oha_members. html http://www. techcrunch. com/2007/11/05/breaking-google-announces-android-and-open-handset-alliance/

Dec 2007, Google and TomTom alliance. In a move to serve the increasing demand for more personalized content on GPS devices, customers of navigation company TomTom will now be able to access Google Maps to find business addresses and transfer them directly to their GPS devices. Because TomTom does not buy map updates on a regular basis, this seamless integration with Google enables their customers to search updated business info like restaurants, accommodations, and other historic places very easily. Giorgio Scherl, Product Manager at Google, adds: “We are delighted to be working with TomTom to offer this exciting new service to our users.

We are constantly working to make our maps more useful so they become a one-stop-shop for finding all the local information and directions that people need. ” The process is indeed very simple. TomTom users simply need to perform a local search in Google Maps, click the “send to GPS” button, connect their GPS device, confirm the address via TomToms free software called HOME, and it will automatically download the address to the device. Additionally, Google Maps can be saved as a “favorite” on the device for future use. http://www. gadgetell. com/tech/comment/google-tomtom-form-alliance-google-maps-now-on-your-tomtom-gps/ 1. 02. 2008 Google and Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CC) formed a strategic alliance to provide online medical records services in the United States. CC was expected to enroll its patients to Googles secure exchange platform for medical data, including prescriptions, conditions and allergies. (Google all Alliances, lecture material) April 21, 2008 Yodle Inc, a leader in local online advertising and lead generation, announced today a strategic agreement with Google to become an authorized reseller of Google’s AdWords[TM] advertising program. http://www. encyclopedia. com/doc/1G1-178077623. html

In 2008 Salesforce. com and Google have announced an expanded alliance, aiming to offer a set of developer tools and service around cloud computing applications. Force. com for Google App Engine is designed to enable developers to create applications in the cloud. Marc Benioff, Salesforce. com CEO, noted in a statement that Salesforce and Google are on the same page when it comes to cloud computing and an open environment. “We have an open vision for cloud computing,” Benioff said. “Developers now can take advantage of the easy to use and rapidly scalable cloud computing infrastructure from Google and Salesforce. om to build and deliver powerful business applications. ” This arrangement is the latest expansion of a deal Salesforce and Google struck in April, which called for linking Salesforce’s customer relationship management software with Google Apps. And in June, the companies expanded that initial deal with Salesforce creating the Force. com Toolkit for Google Data APIs, allowing developers to connect to data in Google Apps via the Force. com development platform. http://www. builderau. com. au/news/soa/Salesforce-com-and-Google-expand-alliance/0,339028227,339293713,00. htm

Sep, 2008 Google and GE form alliance to upgrade US electric grid. A new alliance between Google and GE is looking to advance the US electricity grid in order to support emerging renewable energy deployments. The companies announced at Google’s Zeitgeist conference that they will work together to develop both technology and policy initiatives to facilitate additional capacity and capabilities on the electricity grid. The companies said the goal of the collaboration was to make renewable energy more accessible and efficient, including the large scale support of plug-in hybrid vehicles.

One of the challenges the plan aims to tackle is the limited transmission capacity on the US electric grid at the moment, which limits the supply of power from renewable plants located typically away from areas that can use the power. The initiative sounds similar to Google’s foray into the submarine cable market. The main reason cited by industry experts for Google’s motives for entering a consortium to build a trans-Pacific cable is that the telecoms industry could not provide the capacity that the search-giant wanted at the price that it wanted, leading it to invest in its own infrastructure.

As the company behind the Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal initiative, Google is no doubt looking for ways to take advantage of the renewable energy technologies that it has invested in, including geothermal and solar power start ups. In order to do that, it needs the electric grid supplies to upgrade their infrastructure to transmit the power from where they are generated, to where they are in demand. Google and GE also said they would look to combine their expertise in software and hardware to improve energy management and distribution. http://www. greentelecomlive. om/? p=266 October 12, 2008, Google is cooperating publicly with Click Forensics, a click-fraud detection company with which it has had a rocky relationship. Click Forensics said Thursday that Google has agreed to accept the electronically generated click-quality reports generated by the Click Forensics FACTr service. That means the process of documenting click-fraud instances and submitting reports to Google will be significantly automated and simplified for advertisers that use the FACTr service. Click fraud happens when someone clicks on an ad with malicious intent.

For example, a competitor may click on a rival’s pay-per-click ads in order to drive up their ad spending. Or a publisher may click on pay-per-click ads on its site to trigger more commissions. http://www. itworld. com/internet/55982/google-curious-alliance-click-fraud-detection-firm 22 Oct 2008 Google has joined Continua, the Intel-led international coalition working to develop standards to enable interoperable e-health products and services for the personal health market. Google unveiled ambitious plans for developing personal health records, with its Google Health initiative earlier this year.

The initial trial involving the Cleveland Clinic allowed Google PHR users to send personal information, at the individual’s discretion, into the clinic record or to pull information from the clinic records into the Google Health personal file. Continua aims to accelerate the development and adoption of personal health monitoring devices, PHRs and services, has also been joined by Dossia. The industry alliance is focused on developing standards in the areas of chronic disease management, independent aging and supporting health and wellness. ttp://www. ehealtheurope. net/news/4261/google_joins_continua_e-health_alliance 19 december 2008, CTT signs alliance with Google. Google and CTT Corporation, a leader in talent development services for information and communication technology professionals, announced that the recently launched Google Business Education Center (GOOBEC), will now offer an even wider range of educational services, including expert assistance and tools that allow professionals to deliver more efficient online advertising solutions to companies in Latin America.

Specialized know-how for Google marketing and advertising solutions will be available in the region starting March 2009 with the introduction of GAP Test Preparation and Google AdWords™ Advanced courses. “Online advertising has demonstrated consistent growth in Latin America as companies address the online needs of their clients in order to compete effectively in today’s global marketplace,” said Hermann Gomez, President of CTT. GOOBEC provides advertising professionals access to unique know-how that will enable them to perform online advertising in more simplistic and effective ways than ever before. http://www. adoperationsonline. com/2009/01/22/google-and-ctt-announce-new-courses-offered-by-goobec-the-recently-launched-educational-program-for-online-advertising-professionals-in-latin-america/#more-2495 04 February 2009 IBM teams with Google and Continua Health Alliance to move data from remote personal medical devices into Google Health and other PHRs.

IBM, in collaboration with Google and the Continua Health Alliance, has launched new software that will enable personal medical devices used for patient monitoring, screening and routine evaluation to automatically stream data results into a patient’s Google Health Account or other personal health record (PHR). This breakthrough extends the value of PHRs to consumers and also helps to ensure that such records are current and accurate at all times.

Using IBM software to connect personal medical devices to Google Health and other health-record systems will allow patients to exchange vital health information with their doctors and other health services professionals more easily, and in real-time. “Our partnership with IBM will help both providers and users gain access to their device data in a highly simplified and automated fashion”, stated Sameer Samat, Director for Google Health. “IBM has taken an important step in providing software that enables device manufacturers and hospitals to easily upload recorded data into a PHR platform, such as Google Health. http://www. hoise. com/vmw/09/articles/vmw/LV-VM-03-09-20. html March 19, 2009 Google-WPP Alliance Funds Ad Research. Google and media-buying heavyweight WPP are jointly funding research to better understand how online media influences advertising. What makes the WPP-Google award program notable is that both companies are still eager to invest money in R & D during the recession, which proves that they are serious about discovering a way to quantify ad research and revenues in an increasingly complex digital world. http://www. internetnews. com/ec-news/article. php/3811116/GoogleWPP+Alliance+Funds+Ad+Research. tm 15/05/2009 Yell and Google announce a strategic alliance to provide sophisticated, managed search marketing services to Yell’s base of more than 450,000 UK SMEs. The alliance will involve Yell becoming a Google AdWords Authorised Reseller. ?? The agreement will strengthen Yell’s position as a leading source of new business leads and sales enquiries for UK businesses. It will give Yell’s SME customers access to Google’s base of millions of UK users through a managed service platform developed by Yell that simplifies the delivery of Google’s AdWords product to SMEs. ttp://www. eadp. org/index. php? q=node/17815 20. 05. 2009 Google Inc and Reliance Infrastructure Ltd formed a strategic alliance to provide online consumption tracking facility services. (Google all Alliances, lecture material) 29 July 2009 Google Makes Alliance With Visible World To Deliver Personalized TV Ads. Google has always attempted to deliver online ads differently depending on what you search for, has now expanded its horizon with newly announced alliance with dynamic TV ad platform Visible World, an addressable TV ad technology company.

The latest partnership would enable Google TV advertisers the ability to dynamically create different versions of TV ads, depending on who you are, where you are and what you are watching, aimed at specific segments, using Visible World’s automated platform. The deal symbolizes another major step in the gradual development of the company’s television business, and could give advertisers that appreciate the measurability of digital advertising an incentive to use Google for TV. “This is a big step for the industry,” said Mike Steib, director of Google TV Ads at Google. “Addressability has such powerful returns for advertisers.

Targeted campaigns are so much more impactful than general campaigns. ” http://news. ebrandz. com/google/2009/2765-google-makes-alliance-with-visible-world-to-deliver-personalized-tv-ads. html 02 September 2009 in an attempt to lure entertainment business that has so far remained aloof from search advertising, and to win over entertainment advertising dollars, search engine giant Google has teamed up with self-service video creation company “SpotMixer” to offer small and medium sized businesses a chance to win $25,000 worth of free national TV advertising for the “TV for All” video contest on YouTube.

With the passing of time, “Text ads,” which has become a synonym with search advertising industry, lacks much of an attraction as a medium for promoting a movie but Google is trying out a new search ad format to tap into this potentially huge market. Google AdWords users will now have a new alternative for creating in-stream video advertising now that One True Media’s SpotMixer’s do-it-yourself online video ad technology has been integrated within AdWords’ In-Stream Video advertisers, an arrangement that allows users to make videos that can run over the Google Content Network or on YouTube.

The new alliance, allows AdWords users to create 15- or 30-second in-stream video ads using SpotMixer’s do-it-yourself ad creation tool. Videos can be distributed on YouTube or Google’s Content Network as pre-, mid- or post-roll ads. http://news. ebrandz. com/google/2009/2840-google-and-spotmixer-team-up-to-offer-self-serve-online-video-in-adwords. html October 6, 2009 Google Inc is partnering with privately held Energy Inc to provide households with free energy management software, bypassing utilities’ smart meters and potentially boosting energy efficiency.

Now, consumers can buy Energy Inc’s power-usage measuring device, called TED 5000, costing about $200, and use Google’s software on top of it, without ever needing a smart meter. The partnership between Energy Inc and Google’s philanthropic arm is intended to expand the consumer market. While more and more utilities are moving to install smart meters, they still account for a small percentage of all U. S. electricity meters. http://www. reuters. com/article/idUSTRE59508220091006 October 7, 2009 Verizon and Google Forge Powerful Android Alliance.

A strategic partnership between Google and Verizon Wireless will yield two new Android phones in the coming weeks, the companies’ chiefs jointly announced Tuesday. Speaking in a conference call, Google Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt and Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam said that their first two Android devices will be available by year’s end, with a variety of other Android-based products — possibly including feature phones, PDAs, netbooks or other specialty devices — planned for the future. http://www. linuxinsider. om/story/68308. html October 28, 2009 Orange inks strategic search alliance with Google European operator. Orange announced a multi-year strategic agreement with Google to offer subscribers one-click homescreen access to the web services giant’s Google Mobile App, which offers enhanced search features as well as related products and services. According to Orange, Google services will roll out across its European footprint in a phased approach, emphasizing Orange Signature handsets to guarantee a superior user experience–in the U.

K. and France, Google search results will also include relevant content from Orange’s own portal, while Android-based handsets in the Signature line will additionally feature specially designed services like the Orange Email Wizard, which lets subscribers set up and use their chosen mobile email services (including Google Mail) in one centralized place. http://www. fiercemobilecontent. com/story/orange-inks-strategic-search-alliance-google/2009-10-28 29 October 2009 Google Inc. n Wednesday stepped onto the Internet music stage, unveiling a new music search feature making an alliance with those include Lala, Pandora, imeem, MySpace Music and Rhapsody, a subscription service from Real Networks, to give music fans an easier way to find, sample and buy songs on the Internet, expanding its music industry footprint. The search engine partnered with several music service sites that are responsible for streaming the songs on Google’s search results pages.

All those partnered have licensing agreements with record labels to stream or sample millions of songs online. “We are very excited today to be introducing a music search feature,” Google vice president of search Marissa Mayer said on Wednesday before a demonstration of the new music service known as “OneBox”. http://news. ebrandz. com/google/2009/2936-google-targets-itunes-music-search-with-lala-rhapsody-myspace-and-others. html 17 November 2009 YouTube announced that it is making alliance with Univision Interactive Media, the most-watched Spanish-language media network in the

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