Grover is a satyr

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One day, they had a fielder at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, then denuded, his math teacher turned into some monster and tries to attack and kill him. But Percy manages to get rid of it by the help of Mr.. Brenner who is also his teacher. Percy thought that he was just hallucinating, but Mr.. Brenner warned him and told him that they need to get out of there and go the camp half-blood, together with Sally, which happens to be his mom to be safe. As they travel along the way, together with his mom and Grover they are attacked by a minotaur and unfortunately, Sally, was caught and vanished by the wind.

Percy tries to kill the minotaur but he passes out from exhaustion afterwards but they managed to go to camp half blood safely. The next day he woke up, he saw Grover and he found out that Grover is a satyr and Mr.. Brenner is a Chicory. There, in camp half blood, Percy Jackson found out that he is the son of Poisoned who is the God of waters. There, he is introduced into a new world and there, he met Amenable who is the daughter of Athena who is the Goddess of Wisdom and Luke, the son of Hermes. In camp half- blood, Percy also found out that the water can heal his wounds and even hose people who he touches with.

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Later that night, while they are having a party, Hades shows up using the camp fire. He told Percy that he needs to bring the lightning bolt to him in order to save Sally. So at midnight, Percy decided to go to the underworld to get his mom and tell Hades that he did not stole the lightning bolt, Amenable and Grover came along. They seek advice to Luke in order for them to enter the Underworld. Luke told them that they need to collect 3 pearls in order to come out the underworld safety. He also gave them a map on where they can find those pearls. Luke also gave Percy a pair of shoes that has wings and a shield.

So the trio start their quest. On their first destination, they fought with Medusa and found the first pearl in medusas bracelet. Second is at the Nashville, there, they tried to kill the hydras and at the end, they’ve won. They got the second pearl located at the statue of Athena. Their last quest is at the Lass Vegas, specifically at the Lotus Flower. They’ve got hypnotized and realize that the casino was a time trap and they’ve lost a week of their time. There is also an incident where there is fight where Percy learns his power as a half-blood.

After they escape the casino, they went to the Underground. They bypass the guards there and they were taken at Hades. Percy talked to Hades and demanded to give his mother back. But Hades disagreed, and in return, he demands his Helm of Darkness because he believes that Percy is the theft. Hades told Percy that Zeus lightning bolt happens to be in his backpack that Ares gave them. Percy, Grover and Amenable used their pearls to get out of the underworld, and they discovered that Ares is the one who stole Hades’ Helm.

So, Ares and Percy fight and as a consequence for Ares, because Percy win the fight, Ares needs to give the Helm back to Hades. And by that, Hades returns Sally safely. After the bolt has given to Zeus, Percy, Grover and Amenable thought that everything will be back to normal. But when they were in camp half-blood, Luke releases a scorpion which bites Percy. They thought that Luke was a friend, but later they found out that he was the one who stole the lightning bolt of Zeus because he wants to be more superior and take the seat of the reigning Gods namely Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.

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