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Hamlet act 2 writing assignment

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The polygraphs can be used as a preventative tool; however, I do not think the results will be recognized by the courts. However, the employer may be able to use the results as cause for termination if the employee failed. The fact of polygraph use in management varies on the business. However, I do believe that the staff should be informed at the time of employment that they may at some point be required to take a polygraph test, that way the candidate can make the session if they want to work for that organization or not.

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Hamlet act 2 writing assignment
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Integrity According to the readings in this week, the two major arguments for and against integrity (honesty) testing by employers are that they are intrusive and invade privacy by the nature of their inquiries. Integrity tests are also considered to be unreliable. Managers argue that integrity tests help them to weed out the bad employees; however, it may also make them miss out on a very good potential employee.

The managers also argue that the test should help to reduce worker compensation claims. Technology and Privacy

Technology has allowed employers to be able to monitor their employees without being present or standing over the employees while they perform their tasks. Employers can monitor their activities through cameras and listening devices. Organizations are also recording employees phone calls, voice mails, they have access to their computer files, monitor Web access and most important, they are even videotaping them. World Trade Center Tragedy Years after the terrorist attacks 9 1 1 the leaders of our country, and the American citizens are searching for a way to balance the security and the privacy of our country.

There have been programs within the National Security Agency created to analyze the internet and communication data that is generated by millions of Americans. Our country now has heightened the awareness of their surroundings that is mostly attributed to the concerns over terrorism. A lot of Americans are very pleased to make sacrifices for security and feel that giving up their privacy is a price that we have to pay in order to be safe.

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