Health Is Better Than Wealth, What Is Your Opinion? Sample

All the wealth in the universe is useless if you don’t have the wellness to bask it. To me wellness IS wealth. It’s every bit simple as that.If one is in good wellness. he can happen wealth but demo me anyone who can purchase good wellness. Good wellness is a gift money can non purchase non even with all out latest engineering.

I am one of those who believe in being happy. I know I will be happy merely to be able to leap out of bed every twenty-four hours and travel for a tally in the park or even trek up the mountain way. I would be awfully unhappy if I had to hold aid even to acquire to the bathroom. So what if I have the latest motorized wheel chair to acquire me to the bathroom? Nothing can crush the joy of acquiring about on our ain two pess! Isn’t independency wealth? What monetary value can you set on that?

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Another of my passions is nutrient. I love to eat good nutrient. I want to be able to eat what I want and when I want. I don’t want to hold to get down pills before I can insert into a home base of fried rice! I can non explicate the sheer satisfaction of a good repast. Of class. I need money to purchase the nutrient. so wealth is of import but once more. there is no usage if you can afford to purchase vino and caviar but can merely gaze at it yearningly. A individual with good wellness can gain plenty to afford that sort of nutrient and enjoy it every bit good!

I like to make societal service. I feel good when I can really function a physically handicapped individual to accomplish a undertaking. I have done it before and I know how happy they are when together we finish a undertaking. If I have given them money. they would non cognize the satisfaction of cognizing their ain capablenesss. If I had merely bought them an album. it would hold been easier but because I am healthy. I could run around. acquire the material needed. hotfoot back and Forth without being tired and being at that place for them until the occupation was done.

These are merely a few grounds why I would take to be healthy instead than be affluent. If I didn’t have to do a pick. I will desire both. Who doesn’t want to be healthy and affluent!

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