Helicopter Moms versus Free-Range Kids’: A Summary

            This article entitled, “Helicopter Moms vs. Free-Range Kids” tells the story of a mother, “Lenore Skenazy” about her son going home to “Manhattan” from the “Upper East Side” through the subway alone (Crawford, 2008, n.p.). “Lenore Skenazy” is actually a writer for the “New York Sun”, where she first published this story that instantly received ‘attention’ from countless readers (Crawford, 2008, n.p.). She has seen her child “ecstatic with independence” however some readers do not share the same sentiment (Crawford, 2008, n.p.). Parents do not have similar reactions; some “applauded” while others “condemned” what she has decided upon (Crawford, 2008, n.p.). Those who “applauded” state that there is really no need to overprotect a child while those who “condemned” state that any child should not be left alone like that since his security may be jeopardized (Crawford, 2008, n.p.).

            This story has become an eye-opener; because of it, a reality check has been carried out (Crawford, 2008, n.p.). It has also been said that in the past little boys and girls go to school walking, biking, riding the bus/subway by themselves and yet these children manage to arrive home safely (Crawford, 2008, n.p.). Furthermore, this story also questioned the status of New York City’s safety and it has come to the conclusion that in fact it is now much safer as compared to the 80s; in fact mortality rates decreased by “forty four percent” in the aforementioned city (Crawford, 2008, n.p.). Moreover, this also led the “Centers for Disease Control” to encourage parents and their children to take a walk or take the bike when going to the school as a part of their fight for “childhood obesity” (Crawford, 2008, n.p.). Last but not least, some parents also shared their stories: 1) “Beth Turner” allows her child to proceed to the playground however she admits that they actually watch her until she arrives at the aforementioned destination; and 2) “Nick Goldberg”, on the other hand, admits that children nowadays do not have “much” liberty and that’s because “parents are worried about crime and they’re worried about kids getting caught in traffic in a city that’s not used to pedestrians” (Crawford, 2008, n.p.).

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Crawford, L. (2008). Helicopter Moms versus Free-Range Kids. Newsweek, n.v., n.p.

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