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The manner of the Blackfoot First Nations was feared and ferocious. but at the same clip interesting and educational. Life was household and faith orientated and resources were abundant before the contact of the European Civilization. Bequests of historical globalisation have affected many other autochthonal groups around the universe. other than the Blackfoot. Largely the European adventurer contact has affected the civilization of these autochthonal groups. such as altering their life manners. coercing them to populate the “proper” manner. utilizing the natural resources of the native land doing resources scarce. In my sentiment the Blackfoot civilization changed in a negative and positive manner because of the cultural contact with the European. My essay is to speak about how the Blackfoot ways were before and after the contact of the Europeans. how their manner of life was the lone manner that they knew of. populating off the land. and ne’er taking and utilizing more resources than necessary.

The Blackfoot norm consisted of life in sets ; which typically had one respected leader. Populating off the natural resources of the land ; a Blackfoot individual diet consisted chiefly of buffalo meat. Blackfoot people were adept horseback riders. first-class American bison huntsmans and ferocious warriors. The Blackfoot were feared by many other Native groups around there part such as the Cree. Sioux and Crow Nations. After Cultural contact with the Europeans adventurers. life changed for the Blackfoot by being assimilated. . Segregated and integrated.

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The autochthonal group I have researched is the mobile Blackfoot people of the fields. The term “Blackfoot” refers to four major folks that are a portion of a Confederacy. First are the Blackfoot or Siksika people. 2nd were the Bloods or Kainai people. 3rd were the Peigans or Piikuni people and 4th are the Southern Peigan people. Each folk was really independent but all had the same instructions and linguistic communication. The district of these folks varied from Northern Saskatchewan River in Alberta. to the Yellowstone River in Montana and from the Rocky Mountains of Alberta to the Cypress Hills between the boundary line of Alberta and Saskatchewan. The civilisation of the Blackfoot originated around 10 000 old ages ago. As referred by the beginning story’s told orally by Blackfoot Elders. The Blackfoot people live in structured sets ; each set had one respected leader called a Chief.

A Chief was chosen depending on his recognized qualities by the people. he had to be a good warrior but yet still generous. Within each set there are 10-30 Lodges. which housed about 80-240 people. If a set was traveling through adversity. members of the set were allowed to divide up and fall in other sets. All bands a portion of each folk reconnected during the summer to consort in societal and spiritual ceremonials and assemblages. The occupations of the Blackfoot work forces are runing for nutrient. and doing the arms to run and utilize in conflict. Women had a much bigger function in keeping life. such as making mundane family jobs like cookery and cleansing. Puting up and taking down the tipi’s garnering wild workss and nutrient. doing the vesture and taking attention and learning the kids. The diet of this folk consisted largely of Buffalo meat. Buffalo was the chief resource because they were found all over the fields. Pemmican was made from the Buffalo meat which was buffalo fat and dried berries crushed up.

The Blackfoot used the resources from the American bison really sagely. utilizing every portion of the organic structure even including the lingua and Bone Marrow. This folk were non husbandmans. lone huntsmans. They did non hold flour or grain. The lone thing that was grown was baccy to utilize in spiritual ways. Children of the Blackfoot were taught survival accomplishments from older coevalss. The manner they were taught was verbally and through observations. Story robes taught the kids of their history. Story robes were of import events told through images drawn on the dorsum of American bison fells. Religion and household played the biggest function in the lives on the Blackfoot people. with their assemblage to reunite household such as a Powwow and the Religious ceremonials such as the Sundance ; where households besides met to back up each other.

The Blackfoot district location gave the people a advantage of being able to maintain on populating their normal lives because they were far off from foreign explorer`s. Not until 1754 did the first brush occur with adventurer Alexander Henday. When these two civilizations came into contact Henday unsuccessfully attempted to prosecute the Blackfoot people in trading with the Hudson`s Bay Company. 50 old ages subsequently around the 1800`s more explorer`s came into their part. altering their manner of life wholly.

Blackfoot people were treated ill by these adventurers because Blackfoot kids were being taken from their places and set into residential schools. which tried to absorb the kids. Merely the Europeans benefited from this contact. because they took advantage of the Blackfoot peoples resources which included the American bison and land. Blackfoot civilization was hindered by the Europeans because of militias and residential schools. Everything the Blackfoot had known as their norm changed because of pact 7. The Treaty played in favor to the Europeans.

Within Treaty 7 the Blackfoot`s received warrant to a small spot of their original district. this warrant was called a modesty. Near extinction of the American bison due to over hunting by the Europeans besides changed the lives of the Blackfoot. The alterations to the educational system after cultural contact was that Blackfoot kids were taken from their places. and forced into the schoolrooms of residential and boarding schools in southern Alberta. This was really different from the manner they were traditionally taught by their parents and grandparents. Puting Blackfoot kids into residential schools. was the alteration of the hereafter for the Blackfoot`s. Blackfoot faith still exists to this twenty-four hours. but other faiths are influenced into the civilization.

The traditional manner of life has been lost due to other civilizations globalisation. But the linguistic communications and faith of the Blackfoot`s still remains to this twenty-four hours. There is no existent sweetening to the civilization of the Blackfoot people from the contact of the European civilisation. Blackfoot kids being assimilated and other coevalss being put on militias. is non an sweetening to the civilization. Assimilation occurred when residential schools tried to learn the Blackfoot kids the accomplishments to be laborers in the economic system. so that they would go portion of the white population. Segregation occurred when the learning about “civilized“ manner of the white society to the Blackfoot kids outside of their sets so that they could return as “good Indians. “

Integration besides occurred because finally Blackfoot kids were taught in the same schools as other Canadian kids giving them and equal opportunity to better their batch. The type of Authority that regulations the Blackfoot is both Federal Government. but the Blackfoot people are working towards a self-government system within the militias. Blackfoot people are utilizing engineering to regenerate the linguistic communication and civilization for old ages to come. Economic elements aid to protect their ain globalisation within society by farming. bring forthing oil and gas within the militias. Political elements of globalisation provide means for the Blackfoot people to protect their civilization and faith and supply wellness attention and instruction.

In decision my sentiment is that historical globalisation on the Blackfoot people is both a positive and negative consequence. because in a negative facet it took away their civilization. assimilated their kids. changed their traditional manner of life ; But in a positive facet it gave the Blackfoot people a opportunity to have free wellness attention and instruction. procuring their endurance within the “white society. “ Europeans did pervert the Blackfoot’s manner of traditional life. but at the same clip without all the adversity that they went through they would hold non become widely known throughout the universe. and the independent folk as they are today. I think the position of this Indigenous group would be that there is still impacts from their hereafter today. Some people are still profoundly upset from what they had to travel through being in a residential school. Which are coercing them to do a alteration about what happened in the past and warrant it does non go on to their kids in the hereafter.


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