Hongkong Disneyland


In 1923 Walt Disney made a short film named Alice’s Wonderland. Then Disney brothers cartoon studio was formed by Walt and his brother Roy Disney. In 1926 it was changed to Walt Disney Studio. As one hear the word Disney. Its creates a happy feeling for everyone. The five business Segments are Optimism, Decency, Trust, Creative and the all these together forms the fifth one. It was no.1 in entertainment companies of 2012 Mickey Mouse goes to Hong Kong

Disney land was regarded as one of the main companies to stabilize the local economy. After the discussions and negotiations for almost nine months the government and the company reached a preliminary agreement for the Disneyland in Hong Kong.

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It can be segmented as:

  • Tourism from mainland China
  • Tourism from Taiwan and Southeast Asia
  • Tourism from Other countries

Market Barrier
The market barriers can be categorized into:

  • Pricing
  • Competition
  • Culture

The main market barrier was competition. The large amusement park in Shenzhen was a treat to the Hong Kong Disney land because the Ocean Park had become an all-rounder by then. 1.) Hong Kong Disneyland (HKD) had mechanisms in place to adapt to local Hong Kong culture, yet these means appeared to be ineffective. Why? What areas, in terms of cultural adaptation, still need further improvement? Using Professor Brannen’s concept of decontextualizing strategic assets (see case Exhibit 2), do you think Disney’s strategic assets are in an advantageous position or a disadvantageous position in the
Chinese cultural context? Explain. Answer: The HKD tried it’s very best to fit into its own culture as closely as possible.

The mechanisms working out with all this is that Hong Kong Govt used Disneyland and made it adopt its own culture. Everything from top to bottom was done keeping their cultural concepts into consideration and getting a big response both negative and positive from the world. First of all let’s discuss about the different mechanisms regarding how and what did they use from their culture to build upon HKD: Feng Shui: People in Hong Kong were so overwhelmed when they heard about Disney approaching Hong Kong for its destination. As a result of this, according to their beliefs and customs they performed Feng Shui so that nothing wrong would happen. The location, time and many more things were focused on via this methods only. Now it was a big occasion, so finally they had to do it the right way. Traditional beliefs: people in Hong Kong have high traditional beliefs.

This was reflected in the very making of HKD. Apart from their competitor, i.e., ocean park. HKD did not receive any such importance but due to the success of Disneyland in other countries, it was a huge hit. Moreover, they converted the whole concept of Disneyland into a Chinese entertainment. Sign boards: Well that is a regular custom in Hong Kong. To actually give information and thus marketing via sign boards is a good idea and has worked out for them. Other minute details: cultural details like “Disneyland : a happy place on earth” would have gone harm just due to many reasons in Hong Kong. One mainly being that this country is very congested and there is an island with population of many. This would not work for Disneyland in any case. Major blunders:

1.) Sales of discounted pass: there was prevalent when it started which initially pulled down its profits. 2.) Chinese Lunar year: There is an overdependence on Chinese Lunar Year. This makes it more rigid and thus is one of the biggest blunders. 3.) Chaotic situation: A situation arise when there is a small island with a very dense population. This does not give any room for Disneyland being a happy place. 4.) Negative publicity: There was a huge response while building the Disneyland among the public. But due to a few happenings like sales and discounted price and utter chaos a negative publicity occurred. 5.) Unwilling to revisit: there were some complaints that if given a chance to go back to Disneyland they would never go to Honk
Kong. 6.) Legal allegation: there were many environmental issues which arose due to this.

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