How Birth Rate Has Changed in China and Singapore Over Time

The trends in the Chinese and Singaporean are very similar, in fact they are almost identical, even having the same anomalies.
Over times the birth rate has decreased, in Singapore and china. In the 1950s the birth rate was very high with around 45 crude births per 1000. It then gradually decreased till around mid to late 1950s. However, the Singaporean birth rate carries on decreasing. The Chinese birth rate increases for approximately five years, going from 34 births per 1000 to about 36. After this the birth rate goes down again on a relatively flat gradient but after nine years it gets steeper and China sees a dramatic decrease in the birth rate.

The Chinese government introduce the one child policy in 1978, here on the graph there is no gradient which is understandable seeing as there would have been a constant number of children, however the birth rate goes up around 1982 for a few years, this is likely to be due to the high birth rate around the 1960s meaning that women would then be of child bearing age around the 1980s, however it goes back down again till where we are now, 2010. The one child policy is still in place in china however it is not enforced anywhere near as strictly and therefore people do not need to fear sanctions that may happen to them if they have more than one child.

The Singaporean birth rate follows the same trends even though Singapore didn’t have a one child policy; however the trends seem to happen a bit later. Singapore is the second most densely populated country in the world, this means that it may be close to its carrying capacity meaning people are required to have less children in order for the country to not become to densely populated.

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