How Has Science Made an Impact on Cycling?

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The wheel is said to be the most crucial element of the bicycle. The wheel allows the rider to roll over the ground with great speed. The first ever wheel was said to be sometime around 3500BC, and I’ll compare the wheels from 3500BC to now later in the essay.

Aerodynamics has made an impact on Cycling in many different ways, it has also made and impact on many other things like swimming, aeroplanes and cars. Aerodynamics has changed how fast the bike can move and also how fast a person can move. When cyclists aim to reach high speeds, they also focus on aerodynamics, as well as high power. Aerodynamics is making such an impact; the high-tech swim suits might get banned.

Cyclists need tight fitting clothes that reduce the amount of fabric that flaps in the wind. Aerodynamics is also very important, and when riding into a stiff headwind you will appreciate your jersey and pity those riding home in baggy t-shirts.

Every cyclist who has ever pedalled into a strong headwind knows about wind resistance. It’s exhausting. A streamlined shape that cuts through the air more smoothly enables a cyclist to travel much faster, with less effort. The faster the cyclist goes, the more wind resistance he will experience, which takes him more energy to overcome it.

Designers have been working on creating more aerodynamic efficient designs. Some recent designs have concentrated on moving from round tubes to tear-shaped or oval tubes. While the bike has been improving, the cyclist is the largest obstacle to huge improvement. Since the human body isn’t so streamlined, body positioning is important. Road cyclists use “drop bars” to allow themselves to reduce their frontal area.

Aerodynamics plays a huge part in the world’s largest bicycle race, the Tour De France. Cyclists travel mostly in a pack called the Peleton, which creates a huge draft. Cyclists who are a part of the group can save up to 40% in energy.

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