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How to Put on Sterile Gloves

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Wearing sterile gloves is part of aseptic hand hygiene, since the hands can never be sterile Preparation for putting on surgical gloves Gloves are cuffed to make it easier to put them on without contaminating them. When putting on sterile gloves, remember that the first glove should be picked up by the cuff only. The second glove should then be touched only by the other sterile glove. Step 1 Prepare a large, clean, dry area for opening the package of gloves. Either open the outer glove package and then perform a surgical scrub or perform a surgical scrub and ask someone else to open the package of gloves for you.

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How to Put on Sterile Gloves
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Step 2 Open the inner glove wrapper, exposing the cuffed gloves with the palms up. Step 3 Pick up the first glove by the cuff, touching only the inside portion of the cuff (the inside is the side that will be touching your skin when the glove is on). Step 4 While holding the cuff in one hand, slip your other hand into the glove.

(Pointing the fingers of the glove toward the floor will keep the fingers open. ) Be careful not to touch anything, and hold the gloves above your waist level. NOTE: If the first glove is not fitted correctly, wait to make any adjustment until the second glove is on.

Then use the sterile fingers of one glove to adjust the sterile portion of the other glove. Step 5 Pick up the second glove by sliding the fingers of the gloved hand under the cuff of the second glove. Be careful not to contaminate the gloved hand with the ungloved hand as the second glove is being put on. Step 6 Put the second glove on the ungloved hand by maintaining a steady pull through the cuff. Step 7 Adjust the glove fingers until the gloves fit comfortably.

Gloves play a dual role in the healthcare environment they act as a barrier to give personal protection and help prevent the transmission of infection. Key Points •Only wear gloves when necessary. •Sterile Latex Gloves should be worn when in direct contact with blood, body fluids, nonintact skin or mucous membranes. •Sterile Glove usage is not a substitute for thorough hand hygiene. •Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves should be changed after every task intended or episode of patient care. •Hands should be washed thoroughly before donning gloves and after gloves have been removed. •It is important to ensure that gloves fit correctly.

Sterile surgeons gloves are expensive and should not be used for noninvasive aseptic procedures where sterile examination gloves would be adequate. •Vinyl gloves are not a satisfactory substitute for latex gloves for contact with blood or blood-stained body fluids. •Gloves should not be washed, or decontaminated using alcohol rubs/gels •Powdered gloves must not be used within the health care setting. Individuals who are sensitised to natural rubber latex proteins and/or other chemicals in gloves need to be tested for latex allergies.

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