How to Retain a Good Employee

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The beginning to retention of a good employee lies in the training approach hat an organization takes in its new employees. Keeping employee retention at minimum while maintaining a high moral can be a challenge to management. Three elements that could be assessed in the area of training is cross training management training, and training in information training. Implementing these aspects into training programs could give the employee a sense of growth and motivation to remain within the company longer. The company should create cross training programs that would be available to all employees that meets certain criteria.

Cross training new employees in the many provides a sense of worth to the employee and allows them to see their value as an asset to that organization. The ability to make employees aware of the possibility to expand on their knowledge could prove to be very beneficial to an organization. “With today’s technology, offering a variety of management training has become ever more cost effective”. Online training is a tool that could be very inexpensive to an organization and would allow the ability of an employee to cross trained in a less time consuming way.

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Retention of the right resources is a benefit to companies that offer on line raining and this could also be designed to the specifics of the organization. Despite which method is your chosen method of management training it could prove to be an effective tool and could possibly be a great cost saving benefit. (Gross 2008). Allowing this type of information will aid the employee in enhancing his or her knowledge while maintaining their status at SICK. Training equals knowledge. Knowledge equals advancement.

Career Management Career management is the building and planning of HRS in the professional career of employees. Human resources play an integral role in the reparation of employees in reaching their full potential and growth within the company. Their responsibility ranges from aiding employees through various training programs, educational programs, performance evaluations and management developments (Boundless, 2014). These types of programs allows human resource managers to become aware of the potential of each employee and also allows them to expand on the particular employees knowledge. Career management is the lifelong process of investing resources to achieve your career goals. Career management is not a singular event but a intuition process that is a necessity for adapting to the changing demands of the 21st Century economy. ” (Career Vision 2009) In efforts to promote career management, SICK should first devise a training process for employees that allows them to grow the implementation of performance management programs. After the employee has accomplished these two hurdles, he or she will be ready for career management.

More commonly, employees that are career management oriented initially begins at entry level points within the company and grow within. Once their full potential is reached, they have gained extensive knowledge of the many and can be a tremendous asset and aid in the growth of the company or organization. Through effective efforts of human resources management in the area of developing and implying career management goals, employee retention is almost inevitable, which in turn allow the employee to provide excellent customer service.

Performance Management According to Berkeley, “performance management is a continuous process of communication between a supervisor and an employee”. This communication is used as a tool to develop goals set out by the company, and is also used as method to maintain clarity, explaining expectations and the setting and analysis of goals for the company and its employees. The process of performance management is not something that human resources mangers only focuses on once a year, this process is an ongoing process that is monitored throughout the life of the company. Despite the recent attention to achieving maximum performance, there is no standard interpretation of what that means or what it takes to get it. Still, you should be aware of the various views and be able to choose your own. ” (Performance Management 2008) My understanding of this particular quote s that there are many ways to approach performance management within an organization. Managers typically make their decisions based on their logo and understanding of their company’s needs. Employee Training “Training your workers can be a tremendous drain on your time and resources.

But before you dismiss the idea of helping your employees learn new skills, consider the ways that skill-based training can positively affect your employees and your company. ” (Gross 2008) I agree with Gross that training employees can be drain time and resources, however the end results can become a larger benefit. Through the right training, and the grooming Of employees morale is increased, which in turn leads to a more satisfied employee, which in that turn that employee will be more willing to provide better customer service and to remain as with the company a little longer.

Training reduces the need for employee supervision. Not only does skill- based training teach employees how to do their jobs better, but it also helps them work more independently and develop a can-do attitude” (Gross, 2008). Through the correct training employees gain the knowledge they need to perform their jobs without constant supervision. This will allow the employee to feel that their position within the company is respected and trusted by management.

This will also lead to satisfactory employee morale. When employees feel that they are trusted to do their job as it is assigned, they have a tendency to perform at a higher standard. This type of training through HRS could present faithful employees that remain at the company thus decreasing the turnover.

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