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In biology, human population growth is the increase in a number of each individual in a population. The average human population growth amounts to 83 million annually. The human population has grown from being only 1 billion world wide in 1800, to 7.6 billion in 2018. Many scientist think that the earth has a maximum carrying capacity of 9 to 10 billion. In nature, populations of plants and animals are linked together like a puzzle. In the natural world of human life limiting substances like the availability of food, water, shelter, and space can change animal and plant populations. The more human that walk on this earth or live to see another day affect other living organisms. Humans are gonna start running out of space for shelter which is gonna lead them to deforestation, which causes a loss of habitat for animals in the wild.

One environmental law is The Endangered Species Act it requires federal agencies in debate with the U.S fish and Wildlife Service. It is to ensure that the actions they authorize, or carry out does not lead the species to go to extinction. You basically have to have some kind of license that shows you can legally fish and respect the laws and without a fishings license you are breaking the law and cannot fish. It relates to human impact population and also affects plants and animals because the more human on earth the more chances there are for people to fish and it can possibly cause them to go extinct and ruin a food chain and kill other animals. Its a 1-5 chance that this could happen but those are the reason it relates to my research topic.

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The article i read about says that if we dont change or atleast make an effort to change the worlds population and total resource use then our world may fall apart. They say if everyone was drinking water at the average allons human drink each day we would be using 91,000 Cubic Kilometers, that’s the total water supply that would be used. Scientist predict that there’s gonna be around 8.2 billion humans on earth in the year of 2020. The article also states that doubling food production would defer the problems of present-day birth rates by at least a few decades. They say improvements to Women’s Rights, education, and self determination lead to lower birth rates.

My topic is very important because we should want what’s best for our future kids and ourselves. Especially nowadays you can’t even enjoy going to the Mall cause your surrounded by many people and can barely enjoy the time you have there. I have learned that we should be grateful for the things we do have like food and water because there’s just so many people on earth that our resources can´t support all of us or maybe even some people are just too poor to survive. Ways that we can fix this problem is trying to reduce our interest in having a lot of kids. Yes, we have the freedom to choose however many children we want to have, and some people want to keep their family generation going and wants it to be big but our earth needs to be stable enough for it to be a safe environment. Some people do want to make a change, and some just don’t care but we can’t get everyone on the same page it’s just too big of a world like if you give someone a book it’s up to them if they wanna read it our not so let’s try to make this change, together as one we stand.

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