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Easy command the employee and supervise

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The Civil Service Branch carried out a review in 1993 to determine what changes were needed in implementing Human Resource Management so that it could best complement and support the new focus on devolving authority, on customers and on raising service standards. The outcome of the review has established the direction for Human Resource Management. First the Civil Service Branch is now concentrating more on its strategic role, determining policy, setting guidelines and rules, and advising branches and departments on implementation. Within this, the Branch is delegating as much authority as possible to departments, and simplifying rules and procedures.

Second, the emphasis is now more on the management of people rather than the administration of rules.

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Easy command the employee and supervise
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Third, branches and departments are expected to review and develop their own Human Resource Management plans to help them meet their operational requirements. While the Civil Service Branch encourages the implementation of Human Resource Management initiatives, it appreciates that change cannot happen overnight, and that many effective staff management practices are already occurring.

It is for apartments to build upon these and show continuous improvement over time. This booklet explains how Human Resource Management works in the Hong Kong Civil Service. It describes the core principles and values of the Government; where responsibilities lie; and the key management tasks that must be addressed.

Aims The Government exists to serve the community : it seeks to provide the services the community needs and the leadership Hong Kong needs to go on succeeding. Serving the Community is the Government’s single most important aim, to which all civil servants should be committed. It requires the Government to provide the services the community needs, and to provide the leadership Hong Kong needs to go on succeeding. To do so, we act in the public interest to: ; foster stability and prosperity, ; improve the quality of life for the whole community, ; care for those who need help, ; protect the rights and freedoms of the individual, ; maintain the rule of law, and ; encourage people to play their part in the community.

It aims to establish a more open, flexible and caring management style o that staff will be motivated, developed and managed in a way that they can and will give of their best to support departments’ missions. PRINCIPLES The Government establishes four main principles which guide us in our work. We have adopted the following additional principles to guide departments in their Human Resource Management work: ; people are our most important asset; ; staff are recruited and their careers managed on the basis of merit; ; staff should take their share of responsibility for developing their potential; ; staff management is he responsibility of all managers; and ; departmental Human Resource Management plans must be guided by departmental plans and objectives.

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