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Final Exam of Human Resources

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  • Pages 4
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    (a) Read the Running Case:, The New Training Program on p.235- 236 in the course textbook and answer the three questions. Questions:
    How would you change LearnInMotion’s orientation program? Should this company rename this process to an onboarding program instead? I would start by changing the LearnInMotion’s orientation program. I understand that that there is no formal onboarding, training policies or procedures so, it is time for HR or Jennifer and Pierre to put a formal onboarding orientation in place. They should include:  a handbook

     a tour of the facility
     introduction to the supervisors
     presentation on the organization and supporting written information on their history, objectives, mission, organizational structure  copy of the employees job description, explanation of the job responsibilities  copy of the collective agreement

     information on training to be received
    Changing the name of the orientation program to onboarding program is a wonderful idea. Should Pierre and Jennifer be involved in the onboarding program to emphasize the importance of this process to their staff? Well when reading the notes it suggests that HR person is usually in charge of:  providing basic information on hours,

     providing arrangements for the employee to get paid,
     providing a copy of collective agreement and health or other benefits programs. So no I don’t believe that Jennifer and Pierre should be involved in the onboarding program to emphasize the importance of this process to their staff. I feel that the important focus here is train the employees on the job description, and what is expected of them. Should management of each department assist in the development and subsequent enforcement of the new onboard program? Why or why not? Yes, I do believe that management of each department should assist in the development and enforcement of the new onboard program. The reason being that this is managements department and they know what their employee’s strengths and weaknesses are in specific departments. Their for, I feel that their input and feedback is substantial in the development and enforcement for the new onboard program. (b) Write a brief summary (approx. one-half page typed) of what you have learned from the video Employee Orientation. I learnt from the video how important onboarding and orientation of a new employee is. The importance of both the first recommendation is that an employer orientation be done on the very first day that an employee starts. When meeting the employee make them feel very welcome this is very important to remember. Let them know what an exciting place it is to work and how much fun they are going to have at work. Rewards, welcome gifts whether the gift is a pen or a company mouse pad these are all great ways to make an employee feel welcome the first day. Things that should be included in the employer’s orientation are the employee’s checklist with every single form and policy. Everything like that you n ed to talk about with an employee and start from there. You want to make sure you don’t miss anything from the very beginning. Another topic you could start with is the overview of the policies and procedures, highlighting a couple of different policies. Mainly the safety policies and the harassment policy. Let the employee know where to find these types of policies for further reference.

    Human Resources function would be the sick leave entitlement that an employee’s entitled to. Things like vacation leave, and who to contact if the employee has a sick day, or even how to report their time. Health and dental benefits or pension entitlements is another topic you could discuss at this point.

    If for some reason you can’t meet in person when hiring an employee even though it is recommended at least give a phone call or request a conference call with the new employee on the first day it is very imperative. Follow ups are great ways to make sure things are running in right direction. It is great to book an appointment with the employee to gather any forms that  needed to be filled out during the first week. Your job is to make a great first impression and make the employees feel as welcome as possible in your organization.

    (c) What training methods would you suggest to train an:
    (1) Electrician…. I would suggest that when training an electrician HR should use the apprenticeship training method. (2) Airplane pilot…. I would suggest that when training an airplane pilot HR should use the vestibule or simulated training

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