Hypnotherapy Case Study

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Miss A. S., a 38-year-old woman, relocated to the UK a year ago as a result of bankruptcy in her home country. Despite being divorced and having three children, she managed to secure a well-paying job with the help of her friends. This employment enables her to provide for her family while slowly settling her financial obligations.

Despite having free time, she is diligently working and making the tough choice to leave her sons with her mother to handle her financial troubles.

This ‘live in’ nanny finds her current situation challenging. Despite being a fiercely independent woman who successfully raised her three sons single-handedly, it is hard for her to fully integrate into another family’s life. While she is willing to adjust and be accommodating, she still desires some personal space. The parenting style of the family she resides with contrasts greatly from her own, making it difficult for her to discern when she should unquestionably follow their instructions or when she can suggest or request alterations.

She desires to excel in her job while also expressing her thoughts and beliefs openly, particularly when it pertains to the welfare of children. Her objective is to achieve a state of relaxation, regain her self-assurance, and enhance her assertiveness.

During the initial consultation, I utilized my notation form to obtain pertinent information regarding Miss A. This included gathering details about her goals and conducting an assessment of her medical, family, and life history. I also delved into her childhood experiences and relationship background.

During the initial consultation, I made an effort to strengthen the already good relationship I had with the client through active listening and giving her my full attention. I used positive and empowering sentences and expressions to help Miss A feel confident and comfortable.

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