Hypnotherapy Case Study Essay

Miss A. S. is 38 years old; she came to the UK a year ago. She is divorced and has 3 kids. She has got bankrupt in her home country and struggled to pay back all her debt. She came to the UK and with the help of her friends she managed to get a job with a good salary. Now she is able to support her family and gradually pay off her debt. She is working very hard even in her spare time. It was a very difficult decision for her to leave her sons behind with her mum, but this was the only opportunity for her to sort out her financial problems.
She works as a ‘live in’ nanny and finds this situation difficult. She is very independent, raised her 3 boys by herself and finds it difficult to settle in another family`s life. She is keen to adapt and accommodate but wants to have a bit of ‘own space’. The parenting style of the family she lives with is very different from hers and she finds it difficult to see where her limits are: in which case she has to do what was being told and when she can make or ask for some changes. She wants to be a good employee but wants to be able say out loud what she thinks, believes, especially when it is about the little ones’ interest.
Her goal is to learn to relax, gain back her self-confidence and be more assertive.
At the initial consultation I used my notation form and gathered as much relevant information as I can about Miss A. I have collected information about her goals and also examined her medical, family and life history, including information about her childhood and her relationship history.
I already had a good relationship with the client because we know each other from voluntary work, but at the initial consultation I have tried to deepen this good rapport by giving my full attention to her and practising active listening. I tried to use positive sentences, expressions that are empowering and it helped Miss A to feel confident and at ease.
I explained to her the.

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