Slavery and discrimination to injustices Essay

A credible speaker is someone the audience believes they can trust - Slavery and discrimination to injustices Essay introduction. Cite “1” thing that the speaker said that helped to establish his credibility. He mentioned what happened 4 scores ago and the significance of where he was delivering his speech REPETITION: There is a particular “theme” that runs throughout this speech. Cite “1” example of this repeated theme. MILK has hope & dreams for what the world could be and that we could one day be one.

He says “l have a dream” Audience-centered: Your speech must always be about your audience. Cite “1” thing Dry. King said that made his message audience-centered. He understood what the audience went through he said “l am not unmindful that some of you have come here out of your trials and tribulations” he knew that his audience had struggles and so did he so he related them. Context refers to the environment or situation in which the speech occurs. Why is the location of the speech significant to the message? It’s the same place that Abraham Lincoln gave the Emancipation Proclamation.

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Slavery and discrimination to injustices
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Its significant because that’s where slaves were freed. A memorable closing helps the audience to remember the speech. What was the “memorable” closing and how do we know that it motivated the audience to respond? Think about the history of our country when you answer this question. Milk’s closing was memorable because he included a lot history by putting various cultures of America and it was easy to relate. He said “let freedom ring” and that’s what was memorable because en TA on, not Just slavery and discrimination to blacks. De about all the injustices going

I Have a Dream Essay

Big city, bright lights, loud noise are all a small town girl like me dream about - I Have a Dream Essay introduction. Being born in a small town and living in the country most of my life I never had a chance to see what the big cities were like other than on vacations. Although, it was like biting into a piece of my favorite pie and then throwing it away, in other words going on vacation to places like New York and having to come back to the country was a tease. I appreciate where I come from though. It has its pros and cons. Being in big cities make me feel important. As I stride down the endless side walk with my head high and my heels higher I feel like I’m going somewhere and have meaning. As thousands of people pass me by I realize this is where my heart lies, this is where I would like to be. Some of my friends ask why I would want to live in a city that never sleeps, truth is, that’s all I dream of day in and day out. There are will always be things that I can partake in whether it’s going site-seeing to see the Statue of Liberty or going on extravagant shopping sprees. I am satisfied with the thought that I will never get bored or not have anything to do. Also, I will be able to be the social butterfly that I am and meet many people of different cultures because the city is so versatile. Some days I will probably run across famous people unlike here, where I have an estimated .03 % chance of seeing a person with significant meaning strolling down the side walk.

Caldwell 2
The expense of living in the city is rather costly and high-priced. A small apartment that is no bigger than 300 square feet could cost as much as $2,000 a month which is unusual for a country girl. I’m accustomed to living in a spacious house but even with the size of my house it is not as expensive. To make sure I can live out my dream each and every day I assure that the goals I have set will be reached and exceeded by far so I can get to a point where I’m financially stable and can pack everything I own up and set out to live my dream.

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I Have a Dream
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