I Have a Dream

Big city, bright lights, loud noise are all a small town girl like me dream about - I Have a Dream introduction. Being born in a small town and living in the country most of my life I never had a chance to see what the big cities were like other than on vacations. Although, it was like biting into a piece of my favorite pie and then throwing it away, in other words going on vacation to places like New York and having to come back to the country was a tease. I appreciate where I come from though. It has its pros and cons. Being in big cities make me feel important. As I stride down the endless side walk with my head high and my heels higher I feel like I’m going somewhere and have meaning. As thousands of people pass me by I realize this is where my heart lies, this is where I would like to be. Some of my friends ask why I would want to live in a city that never sleeps, truth is, that’s all I dream of day in and day out. There are will always be things that I can partake in whether it’s going site-seeing to see the Statue of Liberty or going on extravagant shopping sprees. I am satisfied with the thought that I will never get bored or not have anything to do. Also, I will be able to be the social butterfly that I am and meet many people of different cultures because the city is so versatile. Some days I will probably run across famous people unlike here, where I have an estimated .03 % chance of seeing a person with significant meaning strolling down the side walk.

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The expense of living in the city is rather costly and high-priced. A small apartment that is no bigger than 300 square feet could cost as much as $2,000 a month which is unusual for a country girl. I’m accustomed to living in a spacious house but even with the size of my house it is not as expensive. To make sure I can live out my dream each and every day I assure that the goals I have set will be reached and exceeded by far so I can get to a point where I’m financially stable and can pack everything I own up and set out to live my dream.

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