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I Love Penaranda

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In the bosom of Nueva Ecija lies a peaceable town. Penaranda Penaranda is a fourth category municipality in the state Nueva Ecija. Philippines. Harmonizing to the latest nose count. it has a population of 26. 725 people in 4. 940 families. The country was originally called Mapisong. and it was a portion of the municipality of Gapan. The country was organized into a municipality by Jose Maria Penaranda. a Spanish applied scientist. and later named after him. Penaranda was one time known for its high quality harvest called ikmo.

a works used by older Filipinos as a mastication substance. Recently nevertheless. the harvest is on the threshold of extinction. Rice remains a booming farm green goods.

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I Love Penaranda
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The people of Penaranda was truly hospitable for that’s what I like in this state. You can see clean environment because of the diligence of the people. You can breath fresh air. imbibe clean H2O. and eat delightful nutrients. There are a batch of beautiful landscapes. the irrigation at San Josef which is promenade of the high school pupils.

Every month of May. Penaranda occupants stage a musical play called “Araquio” . a re-enactment of Christians’ quest led by Queen Helena and King Constantine for the Holy Cross where Jesus Christ was nailed. Actors and actresses garbed in colourful and cunning costumes dramatise this century old tradition which features swordfights between the Christians and Moors.

Be proud penaranda! among the countries in nueva ecija. ours is stategic. We besides produce the best of attorneies. instructors. creative persons. applied scientists. etc. Well one of the best state in nueva ecija. the best people. the best puto and kakanin. It’s nice to remain in a topographic point like this. I was born in this topographic point so I am proud. And because of our Mayor Ferdinand Abesamis. this topographic point is going progressive and discernable into the other topographic points. The people here have unification that’s why I don’t pale na go forth this fantastic topographic point. I believe that this town would non stay small town but someday it would be a big and accessing topographic point where the tourer ever wanted to be here.

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