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I Will Never Forget You

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I will never forget you.

I am, Susan Bennet, recollecting this story from the bottom of my heart. Nobody knew it even Mom and the best ever friend Jane. To be honest, it’s so painful to think of him so far. However, I believe that what does not kill us makes us stronger.

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I Will Never Forget You
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Max Stewart was a freshman in our school. His family moved to our place from Canada and, as fate willed, he was put to our class.
The very first thing that struck me was his eyes.

They were endlessly mysterious, deep and so doleful at the same time. Anyway, I guess it was love at first sight. Since he had come here, I became a really flippant student. The only thing I did during the classes was staring at Max Bennet and when I came home I rushed to my room, turned on my record player and laid on the sofa. I was dreaming about him round the clock and nothing else was matter.

But one day the thing happened – he called me. I don’t even now where he found out my number but who cares? It was a phone call from my hero. That evening he made a date with me. It amazed me to learn that he also had a crash on me but was afraid of taking the first step. So we became to spend lots of time together. Actually we were completely into each other and we could not leave a day apart. Those days I was the happiest 15 – years – old girl in the whole world. Every weekend we went to the movie theatre or skating-rink. Max also helped me to pull up my Math and I taught him to play the piano. In a word, there was absolutely uncloudless happiness. No matter how it is sad, it was far from the happy-end.

Once Max didn’t call me. Nevertheless I didn’t make much of it. But when I found out that he didn’t come to the school, I took the alarm.
Next day he was absent too and I thought he caught a cold. So I decided to bake an apple pie for him and visit the Bennets. To my great surprise it turned out that their house was totally empty. In the evening Mr. Pickwic, our closest neighbor, came to dine at our house.

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