Lost on an Island or Never Drink Again Narrative Essay

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The story is about a man named Bill who got stranded on an island after falling off a cruise ship because he was drunk. He woke up on the island and had to survive by fishing for food and starting a fire. He felt lonely but heard a ship honking and was rescued by his friends who explained what happened. He regretted getting drunk and celebrated with his friends until the cruise was over. He learned a lifelong lesson to never drink again.

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One day a man named Bill was stranded on an island. It all started when he was taking a cruise to get his mind off work. “Boy is I tired,” said bill. One night Bill was watching the game with his friends and mistakenly got drunk. Bill fell out not knowing that he was at the edge of the boat, Madison’s Grand Transportation, and fell over. Bill knocked his self out on the safety boat that was located on the left hand side of, Madison’s Grand Transportation, and broke the rope that the safety boat was gripped on to the cruise boat.

The safety boat started floating on it’s on at sea. The next morning Bill woke up and the boat was crashed onto this mini- island. He started acting foolish because he was left behind. Bill took a deep breath and calmed down. He started to think of how he got there, but wasn’t quite sure how so he just stopped worrying about it. Bill was hungry, and finally realized that he had to fish for food. So, he did and Bill started a fire roasted the food he had and ate. Bill felt kind of lonely because he had no one to talk to.

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Bill started hearing noises, and began to feel crept out. He looked around and started eating again. Afterwards, bill smoothed out the dented sand and fell asleep. The next morning he woke up to his second day of stranded at sea. While whipping his eyes, Bill heard a noise, not any noise, the good sound of the honking ship. They men aboard had discovered Bill. Bill had tears of joy, which I don’t know why because he has only been there for two days. When bill got on the ship his friends explained to him what happen.

Bill started to regret that he will never get drunk again. The boys and Bill celebrated until the cruise was over. But, before then bill had a good night rest. The next day he swam, and swam, all day. The night before the cruise was over, Bill was hanging over his boucany . One of his friends came in the room and they had a long genuine talk. So, well relaxed Bill admitted that staying on that island was a lifelong lesson for him. You want to know what that lesson was? To never drink again!

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