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Ideal Is a Word With Several Different Definitions

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Ideal is a word with several different definitions depending on one’s reading. Marriam Webster Dictionary says that ideal is “a criterion of excellence. ” The Random House College Dictionary gives a somewhat different significance with the definition of “regarded as perfect of its sort. ” Hence. society can construe the words criterion. excellence. and perfect as they please. Each person may hold a different position on the ideal adult male because of the manner they understand the definition or due to a person’s nowadays or past experiences.

civilization or faith. One’s sentiment about the ideal adult male or character may besides alter as one passes through the different phases of life. Depending on the author’s age they might compose about different criterions of excellence and flawlessness ; hence. making their ain ideal adult male. Peoples come ining the adolescence phase of their life are by and large faced with false feeling of their individuality and organic structure image. This may reflect in a immature author’s position of the ideal adult male so that he/she focuses chiefly on physical features instead than moral constructs.

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Ideal Is a Word With Several Different Definitions
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For illustration. adolescents would most likely view the ideal adult male to be more of a superhero figure. like Superman. or Batman.

These characters are strong. agile. and fine-looking figures that use their build to suppress troubles and decide crises faced by the general populace. Similarly. Gabriel Garcia Marquez described the adolescent’s ideal adult male magnificently in the piece. The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World. This narrative focuses purely on the chief character’s physical traits. For case. “Not merely was he the tallest. strongest. most virile. and the best built adult male they had of all time seen. but even though they were looking at him there was no room for him in their imaginativenesss. ” ( Line 30 ) . This statement is summarized the best in the statement made by Reference. com ; the ideal hero is a “larger than life figure from a history or fable. ” This parallels the teenager’s position of the importance of one’s perfect figure to be a primary factor in work outing life’s most complicated challenges. When people start to maturate into maturity they tend to concentrate less on organic structure image and more on relationships. The ideal adult male so changes from a superhero to person who has their life in order. This could be viewed as an person with a college grade. a promising calling and hereafter. or possibly one who has faced many of life’s challenges and has overcome them while keeping and nurturing relationships.

This is negatively exemplified in the short narrative Flight by John Steinbeck. As Pepe. the supporter begins his journey to go a adult male he is faced with many challenges. The challenges are common. but hard tests that the audience can easy associate. Pepe’s end of his journey was to turn into a adult male. non in the physical sense. but in the emotional and cognitive sense. Pepe lacks adulthood from the beginning of the narrative. A premier illustration of Pepe’s puerility is when he says. “The adult male said names to me I could non let. ” ( page 3. paragraph 15 ) . His enunciation and the ground why he killed the alien is something a disorderly adolescent would make. One of Pepe’s largest mistake was that he did non make a solid relationship with any one individual. and he. entirely was seeking to confront some of life’s largest. and most hard brushs.

He failed to construct a societal construction to help his growing to manhood. Had he developed stronger relationships. his reactions and determinations may non hold been self- centered. therefore perchance altering his life and finally his decease. Pepe failed to do mature and rational determinations that were accepted in society mostly due to his deficiency of relationships. If he had been more of an ideal adult male. he would hold been able to foster the relationships of those he encountered and would hold drawn aid from his loved 1s to get the better of his trials.

As one enters in-between to late maturity he or she is looking for ways to go forth a “piece” of them behind and of course derive a sense to make positive alterations that will profit others ; a sense of go forthing a bequest. This ideal adult male is demonstrated in the short extract about Mr. Allworthy and Mrs. Deborah Wilkins from the fresh Tom Jones by Henry Fielding. Mr. Allworthy validated this entreaty by telling Mrs. Deborah to care for the infant versus allowing her leave the babe on the churchwarden’s doorsill. Mr. Allworthy is considered the ideal adult male in this transition due to his concern for others and the great altruistic compassion he shows. “He now gave Mrs. Deborah positive orders to take the kid to her ain bed. and to name up a maid-servant to supply it pap. and other things…” In contrast to the adolescent phase of adulthood this narrative gives minimum inside informations about Mr. Allworthy’s physical visual aspect. and places a greater accent on his personal character and determination. The ideal adult male of in-between to late maturity may be more of an person who has taken past experiences to learn the younger coevalss ways to thrive and turn.

These persons whom are considered ideal have conquered the constructs of flawlessness in each of the above mentioned phases. and are now focused on the well-being of others and working towards go forthing the universe a better topographic point. The most mature of the ideal adult male does non concentrate on his expressions or his calling. but extends on his personal character and the determinations he makes for others. In add-on to show and past experiences. the manner a individual interprets the words criterion. excellence. and perfect will make an image of the ideal adult male in each person’s head. Writers over the universe have different perceptual experiences of those three words because of their civilization. and spiritual beliefs. For illustration. a author that has lived in a 3rd universe state may see their ideal adult male as a affluent first category citizen ; whereas a affluent first category citizen would portray their ideal adult male to be more of a fictional character or a God.

A adult male that lives in Asia may believe that the ideal adult male is similar to Buddha ; in contrast. a adult male that lives in the United States might believe that the “perfect” adult male strives for absolute apprehension and forgiveness. much like Jesus Christ. In decision. the ideal adult male is “in the eyes of the beholder” . It is non absolute. Interpretations are eternal and vary based on experiences. adulthood. civilization and faith. The ideal adult male may be superficial or intelligent ; physically fit or emotionally stable ; he may even be some combination of all. It simply depends on the reader’s reading of criterion. excellence and flawlessness.

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