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Steroids are seen as the greatest spoilers of sports and true sporting spirit. Sportsmen and athletes who have made remarkable performances have been denounced when it is proved that have used drugs i.e. steroids. It is considered immoral and illegal by every national and international sports authorities.  The very suspicion that one might have used drugs is haunting the minds of the people all over the world. There is almost unanimous opinion about the ban of steroids from the international sporting events. When the use of drugs of is considered illegal and unethical the topics ‘can steroids be allowed in sports?’ needs a thorough analysis and understanding.

The people who advocate the ban of steroids strongly feel that the use of steroids produce greater energy level temporarily which is not the true energy level of the sportsman. A performance under the use of drugs can not be accepted as valid as it does not represent the true level of the sportsman. The artificial increase in the energy level to perform better and outsmart others in the games is quite unethical. It is unethical because it creates unfair situation where some use their natural energy level where as some use the extra bout of energy. The competition loses its credibility and significance when artificial methods are used to show up better performance.

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The long years of discipline and practice under testing conditions loses its value when a player with inferior skill and lower energy dominates the players who believe in their talent and practice. If short cuts are available to perform better under the influence of drugs, what is the meaning of true sportsman spirit? If the two performers use the same weapons, then their skill in using them will be known and the better performer gets the edge over the rival by virtue of his ability and skill but not by methods of meanness.

            Those who oppose the use of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs say that the athletes who use them are breaking the rules and getting an unfair advantage over others. Opponents of the drugs say the athletes are endangering not only their own health, but also indirectly encouraging youngsters to do the same. (Jeffrey Katz)

In addition to being unethical, the use of steroids even damages the body and the general health of the person who is using them. It is proved that the use of drugs though give extra energy and growth they will ruin the health of the players in the long run. They will have to lead a life of suffering and misery for the temporary satisfaction or temporary glory of being called champion. A life long suffering can not be the reward for the glory a player has achieved by the use of steroids.

            There may arguments against the ban of steroids and there are people who strongly advocate the use of steroids in sports. It seems reasonable at the outset to hear that in a beauty contest a girl who has had a plastic surgery for her face is allowed to participate and win medals. On the other hand, a sportsperson if he uses drugs and outperforms others players, it is considered illegal and unethical. How can that be justified when artificial improvements are allowed in beauty contests? The steroids are a new invention to improve the performance of the players like the cosmetics and plastic surgery which will enhance the chances of success for a contestant.

            The comparison is spurious and has neither legality nor morality behind that. Beauty contests are not serious sports. Beauty peasants are primarily events of aesthetic sense and appreciation of beauty. No girl can sacrifice her health and life for the sake of winning a crown at a beauty contest. There is no evident harm in undergoing a plastic surgery or in using cosmetics.

            The point that steroids should be allowed in the body building contests for men as cosmetic surgery and breast enhancement are allowed for women. The argument that steroids can be allowed in some sports has no valid point behind that. The athletes and the contestants who have moral will not cheat others by secretly using the banned drugs. Any victory that is won with the own strength following fair play and justice will have its own satisfaction and meaning.

            Some say that human growth hormones can be strengthened by taking injections which will increase bone density, muscle mass and decrease body fat. (Mayo Clinic Staff )

They also help for increased heart beat and the enhanced capacity for exercise and tolerance besides keeping the user in good mood and motivation.

True. They can not be denied. But using steroids is not the only way nor is it time tested method of body building. There is no evidence to say that using these steroids is harmless. The side effects also can not be ruled out. The use of steroids, though a short cut method, can not be the substitute for the natural way of taking nutritious food and good regular exercise.

The argument that people want the best of best performances and that can be done only with the help of drugs which can raise the energy levels of the players to the maximum is not acceptable for all. The players who are honest want to participate in the sports where people do not cheat one another. The players who have put years of effort and practice do not want to face player filled juice. The cheater is no match for their talent and skill. He can not stand the patience and perseverance of the genuine players.

It is not necessarily drugs and steroids that provide the required energy and strength. Diet, exercise, and vitamin supplements also can increase muscle mass and bone density. But these are not considered unfair. Why? It is because they are not harmful as the drugs.

Some may think that it is their right to do whatever they want to do with their bodies. When tattoos are not illegal, they will argue, why not the drugs? They feel as long as they own their bodies they should have freedom to use the steroids. This argument seems quite unreasonable as no one willingly takes poison saying that he has a right to do so.

            The general tendency of people is to do what they are not supposed to do. As long as the drugs are banned, people run after them. Once they are allowed and put under some restrictions there will not be so much problem with them.

            They claim legalization of the banned drugs can solve the problem. They also add that the regulation will increase the revenue for the government. In addition, there will be innovative approaches in sports also in the form of new methods in sports training. When they are allowed, every player can use the steroids and there will not be any equality or injustice to any player. Then the play will be more exciting and livelier than it is at present without drugs.

No sane person can accept the above contention. No one wants to kill himself to provide better entertainment for others. The very argument that every player can use the steroid for a level playing field is anarchic in its nature. It will only help creating new problems rather solving problems. There will not be any sporting spirit among spirit, but only steroid spirit in their bodies. It is like filling the people with venom and encouraging them to spill venom on others.

            No civilized and cultured person can accept such a proposition. It is natural to expect to go forward but not backwards. Nobody wants to walk on the road which is forbidden as risky and dangerous. Taking steroids is not an adventurous game to test one’s courage and stamina. To test them sports are the best way. The very idea that drugs can be allowed in sports is evil and promotes the same. It will not help sportsmen not mankind in anyway.

In short, true sporting spirit survives only when the play in conducted with the best of intentions and fair play. The sport keeps up its reputation only when the players respect the code of conduct of the game and fair play. Whatever that prevents fair play and justice can not be allowed in the best interests of all people and society.

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