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The author expresses their desire to live in Brazil or Argentina due to the culture, architecture, food, language, and history. They recall a school project where they got to bring a dish from a chosen country, and they brought a dessert called Pave. The author mentions their favorite place in Brazil, Sugar Loaf Mountain, which is known for its resemblance to a sugar loaf and its cable car system. They explain the history of sugar production in Brazil and how it led to the mountain’s name. The author is excited to experience the culture and beauty of Brazil and hopes to retire there someday.

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This is a large planet with differences from one block to the following. But if you could populate anyplace. any state. where would it be? Possibly you want to populate in your place state? Possibly you wouldn’t go forth where you are right now. As for me. I would wish to see Brazil. possibly Argentina. The civilization. the architecture. good nutrient. and allow us non bury the history! Did I mention the linguistic communication? Oh how I love Lusitanian linguistic communication! ! Brazil is one of my favourite states. When I was in 6th class my instructor Ms. Maucere did a tiffin with the category. You got to pick a state. compose your essay and presentation. and make a dish from that state to convey to school for tiffin so all the childs in the category could seek it! There were so many different dishes. I remember I brought Pave’ which is a desert made with beds of cookies filled with cocoa and vanilla flavored custard make fulling topped with chocolate shaves. Rome brought spaghetti. Vietnam brought “Pho Ga” which is a Vietnamese poulet noodle soup. Mexico brought place made empanadas with a strawberry filling. and of class Italy brought pizza.

It was a antic experience. I learned so much and of all time since so I have been deceasing to travel visit Brazil for myself and possibly even retire at that place. One of my favourite topographic points in Brazil is Pao de Acucar. or Sugar loaf Mountain. It is a extremum situated in Rio de Janeiro. at the oral cavity of Guanabara Bay on a peninsula that sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean. Rising 396 metres or 1. 299 pess above the seaport. Its name is said to mention to its resemblance to the traditional form of concentrated refined loaf sugar which is an of import portion of Brazilian history and civilization today. Brazil became the biggest manufacturer of sugar in the mid-17th century but so lost its place for many decennaries. reconquering it since the decennary of 1970. when the authoritiess created a undertaking called ProAlcool or Programa Nacional do Alcool ( National Program of Alcohol ) . In 1976/1977 Brazil’s production of sugar cane quickly grew making 100 million dozenss per twelvemonth. Still today. Brazil has the biggest production of sugar and is responsible for 70 % of the world-wide demand.

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With such history. it is no admiration why this mountain is called Sugar Loaf. Sugar loaf Mountain is besides known worldwide for its overseas telegram manner and bird’s-eye positions of the metropolis. The Brazilian applied scientist Augusto Ferreira Ramos had the thought of associating the two hills together. The overseas telegram autos were first built in 1912 and made out of coated wood and were used for 60 old ages! ! ! In 1972 the current templet streetcar was put into operation. which increased capacity by about 10 times. To make the acme. I need to take two overseas telegram autos. The first ascends to the shorter Morro district attorney Urca. 220 metres high. The 2nd auto ascends to Pao de Acucar. The Italian-made bubble-shaped autos offer a 360-degree position of the environing metropolis. The ascent takes three proceedingss from start to complete. This sounds merriment and somewhat chilling. but what a minute to look back on. I can’t wait to see the civilization and beauty of this brilliant state! Populating amongst the people and larning the linguistic communication and history sounds amazing. Brazil is traveling to be a great topographic point to see and possibly someday retire.

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