The Issue of Illiteracy in Modern World

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When discussing disabilities or handicaps, the problem of illiteracy is often overlooked. However, it has been a longstanding issue in our country that impacts people across various age groups, races, ethnicities, income levels, and educational backgrounds.

Illiteracy can have significant implications for individuals who struggle with reading and writing, affecting not just themselves but also others. Those lacking these skills may encounter challenges in comprehending prescription labels, road signs, or even reading bedtime stories to their children. Several factors contribute to illiteracy, including limited access to education, deficiencies in the education system, and parental neglect. It is puzzling how individuals can navigate through life and complete high school without acquiring fundamental literacy skills. The inadequate educational system is frequently identified as the main underlying cause.

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As a result of overcrowded schools, there is a lack of teachers who can meet the learning needs of students. Furthermore, certain teachers may not have the required qualifications to teach effectively and may face difficulties in identifying when a student is struggling with reading or learning. These challenges can stem from more serious learning disabilities such as Dyslexia or other obstacles that impede a child’s ability to learn.

Despite problems in the educational system, many educators choose to disregard them and prioritize maintaining a specific student enrollment irrespective of academic performance. If teachers were to assess student work accurately, the current failure rates would be much higher.

Some students prioritize recreation and excel in sports, a mindset instilled by their parents and peers since childhood. They are taught the significance of being the best. The school system acknowledges the value of these athletes to the team and prioritizes their grades so they can continue playing, sometimes disregarding any possible issues.

It is common for fellow students to assist athletes with their tasks or even take exams on their behalf, allowing them to prioritize sports. A prevalent belief is that this phenomenon is primarily the responsibility of parents. In today’s society, many children are raised by working parents who are often unavailable at home. These parents typically depart early in the morning and come back late at night due to work obligations.

The parents neglect assisting their child in their studies and overlook any potential learning difficulties, assuming the school will identify and resolve the problem. Occasionally, parents attribute the learning issue to the school’s failure rather than acknowledging their child’s struggles. The child’s upbringing within the home environment can even contribute to illiteracy.

Both the absence of educational resources and parental neglect during a child’s early years might have played a role in their reading difficulties. The responsibility of teaching them to read is typically placed on schools. The illiteracy rate is rapidly rising due to various factors such as poverty, lack of formal education, high school dropout rates, and inadequate education. Regrettably, this pressing issue in dire need of immediate attention is being ignored by society, educators, and parents.

Once these individuals without basic literacy skills become part of society, their destiny will be entirely shaped by society.

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