The Effect of Illiteracy

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The effect of illiteracy Every person has the right to gain the basic knowledge of reading and writing. People that do not have this education are known as illiterate. Even with the extremely modernized society that we live in, illiteracy still occurs and has a big effect on the overall success of the country. Illiteracy has lots of effects on the society. It affects the development of the country, the people in the society, and the illiterate people themselves. First, illiteracy has a major effect on the development of the country. Illiterate people can not be part of this development and progress.

They do not have the basic education and the proper simple skills for them to get employed. Due to this lack of skills they are forced to work in jobs that do not require lots of skills even reading and writing. This may result in making them end up in poverty. In addition, because illiterate people lack education they can be a huge burden on the country. So some countries might help them with donations to help them in getting the basic materials for living. This will effect in the economy of the country and stop its progress and development. Second, illiteracy has an effect on the people in the society.

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It mostly affects the life of illiterate parents, where they can not get good jobs to support their families. So this will in turn affect their lifestyle and their needs. In addition, illiterate parents affect their children. If the parents were not properly educated, this can pass to their next generation. In other words, children get many of their views and ideas from their parents, so if a parent does not feel that education is an important factor of success, these feelings will be carried over to their children. Illiterate people also affect people around them.

It is hard for literate people to get involved with the illiterate. They will just slow their progress down and not benefit from them. Lastly, illiteracy also has an effect on the people themselves. Illiterate people lack the basic knowledge and education. They cannot communicate with the literate people around them. This can make illiterate people feel that they are less than the educated ones. It will resolve in hurting their feelings. That they are minor to others and less developed. Illiterate people will believe easily anything that is said to them, even if it was wrong.

So they might have lots of false information that they believe in and use it in their daily lives. Because of this, illiterate people can be tricked and be used in bad ways. The wrong people will take advantage of their undeveloped mind and use it do bad things which might affect the illiterate person’s life. In conclusion, illiteracy is a very serious problem that has lots of affect on the society. Governments and people have to collaborate and try to solve this problem to make their country and society well-educated and developed with equal rights and levels to all it citizens.

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