Millennium Library System in University of Zanzibar

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At university of Zanzibar they use the millennium library system . o search for information or books at OPAC, university f Zanzibar library one has to click the search OPAC then choose on the available search points such as keywords, author, title, journal, and call number search. The advantage of using OPAC is that it enables one to limit his or her search to a particular section of the library because one will be in a position to know where actually is the book he or she is searching for . OPAC is fast and efficient that one can get the book he or she is looking for in a fastest possible way . T also shows the status of the book ,weather it is available or not and it is pacific that it shows one the actual position or location of the book. If one click at the key word search point,it allows he or she to search using key words . NNE has to type keywords or word ,phrase or phrases and click on the GO to search . For example if one types the word governance ,all sources with the word governance in any field will be displayed . This is not very convenient because it displays a variety of sources which contains that word so the list can be tool big .

If one knows the authors full name one can contact an author search -one eve to start with the last name and then followed by the fist name. After that all books written by that author will be listed in their alphabetical order . For example if one types or wants to search on line catalogue for work by Greg alienating . One would select author ,last name fist and drop down menu and type Alienating Greg in the search box . If no marching author name is found in the catalogue the system will provide an alphabetical list of authors nearest the spelling entered . One can also use title to search for information on OPAC . ACH information resource has got a title which is also used to locate the information source using the OPAC. One must enter or select a title into the search box . It maybe title of a book or any academic information in the library like court cases and other legal documents which are essential for legal studies. The other searching way is by using the subject . The subject refers to some of controlled keywords . Librarians do not assign keywords to cover certain disciplines ,they use some form of agreed and standardized keywords or phrases which are known as subject or abject headings.

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So if one enters the subject phrase or words in any order and select subject from the drop down menu . The system will return records which includes the search terms in the subject headings attached to these records . If the words or phrase is not found in any subject headings, the system will return an alphabetical order of the list of the headings nearest to the subject searched. The other way one can use is the call number of book. This is the call number assigned to a book. The call number helps one to retrieve a book from the shelf . Example of a call number is BOXY MOO for the book comparative politics ID Tyler, K Marks. IN conclusion one can note that OPAC is the most efficient and accurate way to use when looking for books at the University of Zanzibar library because it helps one to get the book he ware looking for in the fastest possible way . Although when the system is down or when there is no power like electricity to use the OPAC will be a challenge. BIBLIOGRAPHY NAME ERG NUMBER COURSE TUTOR PROGRAM . JESUS KANDAHAR : R144168B ILLS R GIDDY. QUESTION: DESCRIBE OPAC AND PIVOTED 5 WAYS IT CAN BE USED TO EACH THE UZI LIBRARY

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