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Cainta Catholic College enhances theoretical learning by providing computer laboratories that is updated and procured for the students use to develop their creative skills, and leadership potentials and train them to become useful, productive and gainfully employed members of the society. The Library system of Cainta Catholic College is still a manual way of logging in, borrowing books, and etc. By using a record book and a pen you can now log-in or you it’s your choice whether you want to log-in or not. The cataloging is also manual (organized)

it is placed in a box where if you want to search for a certain book, you need to look for the book code or the author of the book and find it in the alphabetized arrangement of the catalogue. In our existing system all the transaction of books are done manually, So taking more time for a transaction like borrowing a book or returning a book and also for searching of members and books. Another major disadvantage is that to preparing the list of books borrowed and the available books in the library will take more time, currently it is doing as a one day process for verifying all records. So after conducting the feasibility study we decided to make the manual Library management system to be computerized.

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The library system that we are currently using in Cainta Catholic College is a manual process. When logging-in in the library you just need to write down your name, what time you logged-in, and your signature to log-in and you can even slip away without logging-in in that record book and when it comes to cataloging, it is still manual process, it’s located in a certain box and alphabetically organized where if you want to search for a book you just need to look for the book code or author or the title of the book. When it comes in borrowing, they just need to surrender their library ID and sign a certain library card at the back of the book We are proposing for a computerized library system where you just need to tap your ID and voila you’re officially logged-in. If you want to search for a book, you don’t have to search for so long in that cataloging box, you just need to type the author or book code or search it in which it is categorized. In this type of searching, students will have an easy, hassle free way of finding the book they need. This system will help student to easily find books and easy way of logging-in.

Statement of the Problem
General Problem:
How to improve the current library system of Cainta Catholic College? Specific Problem:
1. How to identify if the book borrowed is missing?
2. How to know if the book borrowed is over its due date?
3. How to make borrowing books that is reliable?

Objectives of the Study
General Objective:
The main objective of the study is to create a computerized Library system for 3rd year BSCS students of CCC in order to easily find book, better system of borrowing books. Objectives of the Study:

To be able to easily find a certain book
To be able to easily log in library
To be able to easily borrow and return books

Significance of the Study
The study will prove to be a great benefit to the:
Cainta Catholic College: The researchers believe that result of the study would be a great help in the whole library by implementing the system that we are proposing. Researchers: The study will serve as guide for the future elections that we will conduct. College Students: The result of this study will help the students to find , borrow, and reserve books so easy and automatic. Teachers/Coordinators: The Teachers/Librarians will have less problems in securing of the books, easy to know if a book is missing, and it will be a great benefit to the school.

Research Method
A descriptive research methodology was used for this study; it is efficient in providing information in a relatively brief time period at low cost and for the reason that the descriptive research methods assess the perceptions of selected students of CCC.

Interview Method

An interview methodology questionnaire is less expensive and easier to administer than personal interviews; they lend themselves to group administration; and, they allow confidentiality to be assured.

Scope and Limitations
The following is the Scope of the System:
It can manage and recognize the students that will use the system. It can easily log-in students.
ID will be needed for logging-in.
Only for high school student of CCC
It can easily find books in computerized cataloging system
The following is the Limitation of the System:
Only the Head Librarian can update books
Only administrator/librarian can allow to borrow books
The College students and Elementary can’t use in this system Only the college library books are listed in the system
No ID, No Process

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