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We have a animation of a foreigner at the beginning. Then, you can click the door to enter the restaurant. After we prepare a order card for audience to choose the food or t EAI by clicking various parts of the cards. 6 In each of our flash product, we have included a menu page, there are buttons linked to private corner and chosen topic respectively. The private page shows all the personal information. The topic is divided to two sides which is old and en w. In each of our page, we will have some pictures, words or video to describe the information. 7 Organization structure:

Our products used hierarchical organizational structure, which is a wide and e ass structure provides brief structure in our group part project. 8 Explanation of design Our group will have this design because of two major reasons. 9 1 . Icier It means it will not let people feel hard to read it because it has a simple struck true. Therefore, we can group the complex information into a tidy and clear way. That means everybody can read and know all the things very easily. 2. Equating It because it has a simple structure. So we can tidy up the information easily. Then, it becomes simple for us to decorate it.

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Descriptions about development of major contents Firstly, each of the group mates will have their own topic. Then, we will distribute the topic into two aspects which is old and new. Thirdly, in old or new topics, we will have the introduction on that topics. On the following, we will list out the food which is related. Then, we will find the information ,pictures or videos to introduce that food. We think that if the flash product are following the above steps, our purpose,goals and objectives can bring out easily and clearly. Conclusion Strengths and weaknesses 10

One of our strength is that we have used lots of graphics in our project. As w have chosen restaurant as our topic. So it is easy for us to find many pictures I different ways. For instance, we can go to take photos by ourselves, find it on Internet or from books. Besides,we have drawn and corrected a lot of graphic s by ourselves. This means we have the skills and sense to do this project. Furthermore, each of group mates pay lots of efforts and cooperate together. We really think that these strengths have helped us a lot. Besides strength, weakness of our group members are we have limited time t knish the project together.

It is because some of our group mates need to go to works. So it makes us have fewer time to communicate with each other. Therefore, Our weakness has shown in our product. When you kick at our individual parts, you can occur that our structure does not familiar or similar t o each other. So it will have an inconsistent feeling. Difficulties and limitations By large, there are 2 difficulties and 1 limitations. For the difficulties that we encounter are time limited, not familiar with all the functions. For limitations, it is the different version of flash. At home, we can only download CSS. 5.

But at school, it is CSS. So it will increase our workload and the occur of the problems. Possible improvements By large, there are 2 aspects that we can improve. The first one is time limitation We need to control the time exactly because some of our group mates are workers. Because of this, some parts of works was to casual. We hope that we can make the buttons ,text or pictures that we have drawn can be more beauty fill. Also, the structure of our product can be more consistent. The second one is lack of knowledge in flash. As we just learn it in the lesson , ere not familiar with all the function in flash.

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